CollectaCollecta produce an impressive collection of hand painted farm animals, horses and related farm and horse accessories. Children can build up there Collecta range starting with cows, sheep, pigs or a mix of farm animal set.

Farm Animals

CollectA Friesian Cow & Calf
CollectA Friesian Cow
CollectA Friesian Calf, Standing
CollectA Hereford Cow
CollectA Hereford Calf, Grazing
CollectA Highland Cow
CollectA Highland Calf
CollectA Hereford Bull
CollectA Highland Bull
CollectA Jack Russel Terrier
CollectA Sheep
CollectA Lamb
CollectA Sow
CollectA Piglet
CollectA Chicken & Chicks
CollectA Hen
CollectA Cockerel
Collecta Billy Goat
CollectA Donkey & Foal
CollectA Donkey
CollectA Border Collie
CollectA Golden Retriever
CollectA German Shepherd
CollectA Great Dane