Equestrian Toys

If you have a huge horse enthusiast in your household then take a look at our impressive equestrian toys from horses to handmade and painted toy horse stable sets they will adore. Browse wooden toy horse stables featuring up to three stalls and tack room. Equestrian buildings include equestrian centres, riding schools and jumping arenas for your child play with her horse. We also have wonderfully created equestrian accessories ranging from dressage and saddle sets for Schleich and Breyer horses, including stable figures.

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Horse Stables
A toy stable is the centre piece of any equestrian scene. We have a selection of wooden horse stables for your favourite Schleich, Papo and Breyer horse with unhinged roofs, doors and one or two stalls.
Model Horses
It's now time to choose a horse to live in the stable and run around on the pasture. We have model horses from Schleich, Bullyland and even Siku and Britains farm toys to fit any size stable setting,
Equestrian Buildings
Take your horse away for the day to a equestrian theme building ranging from riding schools to field shelters and tack shops. They're made from wood and colourfully hand painted.
Horse Boxes & Trailers
Horse Boxes & Trailers
Transport your toy horse in style with a luxury horse box. Detachable trailers hook up to Land Rovers by Bruder or Britains and carry up to two horses. Boxes feature folding down tailgate and opening door.
Horse Jumping Sets
Horse Jumping Sets
Taking part in show jumping competitions you're going to need a few jumping hurdles to lay out your course. Wooden jumping hurdles and arenas come in sets or as singles with space to run the course.
Horse Dressage & Saddles
Horse Dressage & Saddles
Go riding with a fully equipped horse - dressed in quality tack and saddles for your Schleich, Papo or Breyer horse. Made from real stitched fabric, they're knitted in a miniature size and feel real.
Stable accessories lined up and ready to use
Equestrian Accessories
Your stable girl or boy as plenty to do around the stables like mopping out the stalls and sweeping up the yard. Add extra play value with cleaning kits, hay bales and horse grooming sets.