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Open up our fun farm theme articles be reading interesting guides, an how-to on making toy farm sets, photo galleries and just insightful articles centered around farm toys.

Published 22nd January 2019

Top 10 toy farm sets (for sale in UK)

Our top 10 children's toy farm sets are available to buy online within the UK, each set you should expect to assemble it yourself, out of the box.

Published 22nd January 2019

What is a Scale Model?

Will help you undestand what is a scale model and the purpose behind it, in doing so will give you 7 easy to learn examples from real life.

Published 19th January 2019

ELC Farm Sets: Past and present

Will take you through ELC past wooden farm set's up to present day, with sets made in MDF, are self-assembly with a printed on surface.

Published 17th January 2019

JCB Fastrac toy guide

Reliable, small but quick JCB Fastrac toys are a modern way to farm on the carpet, they can tow trailers and do have working front loaders.

Published 11th December 2017

Where to buy Siku toys

Find out where to buy Siku toys within the UK, from specialist online shops to in-store, on the high street and local model shops near you.

Published 8th December 2017

How to make a toy farm guide

Learn how to make a toy farm set using our ultimate guide with advice; from drawing up plans to timber, assembly, tools, paints and glues.

Published 6th December 2017

Top 10 Bruder crane trucks

We've managed to compile available Bruder crane trucks and put them from our best to least favourite, then created a handy top ten list.

Published 4th December 2017

Building site toys guide

Checklist what is needed to build up a replica building site in the garden, with diggers, loaders and lorries all needed, plus safety signs.

Published 30th November 2017

Britains Kverneland guide

In depth look at Britains Kvereland plough's in 1: 32 and 1:16 scale, our guide takes a look at the models, and more detail on the company.

Published 28th November 2017

Top 10 toy DOZERS for sale

See if you agree with our our top ten toy dozers for sale, they have a functional front blade, rear ripper and roll on free rolling track wheels.