Toy Farm Accessories

Bring the child's farm to life with accessories to help generate jobs needed around the yard.

Toy farm accessories keep the young farmer busy daily, whether its feeding his farm animals with hay bales and straw, to carrying farm sundries around the farm in the tractor. But farm fencing really makes up the young farmers authentic miniature farm or diorama.

Give the young farmer more to do on his farmyard with a choice of farm accessories ranging from farm fencing, hay bales and farm sundries from Britains, Siku and Bruder in scale 1:32, 1:87 and 1:16. Larger farm equipment for farm sets include silage pits and silos.

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Toy Hay Bales
Hay Bales
Store, stack or balance a bunch of bales of hay to store in the barn, store in the barn or use to feed the farm animals. Apart from yellow hay bales, you can also find green silage bales and straw.
Toy Fencing
Farm Fencing
Create pens and enclosures to keep animals locked away in a safe place. Fencing comes in separate panels or lock them together. Add authenticity to the farm with plastic and wooden fencing.
Handling equipment include feeders, hurdles and troughs
Handling Equipment
Keep control of the cattle by using specialised metal effect toy hurdles, feeders and handling equipment like cattle crushes. These are made in 1:32 to 1:16 scale for use with your Britains, Siku and Bruder.
Crops include grain, dunk and potatoes
If you run an animal farm then it's likely you'll need to grow or obtain crops for your farm animals for feed and bedding. Crops include replica bulk dung, grain, silage, loose hay and plastic toy potatoes.
Toy Farm Sundries
Farm Sundries
Running your own farmyard will require a few farm sundries to operate the farm. Find, potato boxes, milk churns for storing the cows milk from the milk parlour with bags and sacks for holding grain and corn.
Toy Trees & Bushes
Trees & Bushes
Place plenty of trees around the farm to create a realistic and authentic environment for your farm scene. Find toy trees to bushes with oak and pine trees available. You can even buy trees in seasons like winter.
Silage Pits
Silage Pits & Silos
If your young farmer own's their own farmyard you will be interested in extras such as a toy silage pits. Silage pits can store slurry and provides a good place for them to park the tractors over night.