Toy Farm Buildings & Sheds

Toy farm buildings are incredibly popular amongst children today. Scale model farm buildings come in all styles but traditional farm buildings are the best choice. They provide shelter for farm animals or for storing tractors and implements. Toy tractor sheds are especially popular in 1:32 scale and can be used for keeping the tractor or used as a barn. We provide you toy farm buildings including wooden toy tractor sheds for children, real handmade wooden barns, and pig sty's by Britains. We also provide you cattle sheds, wooden toy horse stables and farmhouses.

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Toy Cattle Sheds
Cattle Sheds
Provide a comfortable place for your cows and sheep to live on your farm with traditional toy cattle sheds. Farm cattle housing come in all styles but often feature cubicles to house up to 20 or more cattle.
Toy Tractor Sheds
Tractor Sheds
Browse toy tractor sheds made from wood for keeping the young farmers tractors and machinery safe. Wooden farm tractor sheds add authenticity to the child's play featuring barns for storing hay bales.
Toy Barns
Wooden toy farm barns can be used for storing hay bales and farm implements. You can use your barn for keeping the young farmers toy tractor and farm machinery safely and securely from the elements.
Toy Pigstys
Toy pigsties and children's wooden pig housing are perfect for keeping all types of pig breeds. A toy pigsty are always available with farmyard sets but the more detailed ones can be purchased separately.
Toy Farmhouses
Children's wooden toy farm houses provide the young farmer and his family a place to live on the farm. Most farms provide a farm house for the farmer and his wife to live usually located near the front.