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Britains 43007 New Holland T8.435 Tractor
Britains 43007 New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Left
Britains 43007 New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Right
Britains 43007 New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Rear
Britains 43007 New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Boxed
Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor
Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Left
Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Right
Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Rear
Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor, Boxed

Britains 43007: New Holland T8.435 Tractor, 1:32 Scale

Big in appearance Britains New Holland tractor with giant free rolling wheels, rear tow hitch, counter-weight, removable cab and replica detail inside and out.

Brand: Britains

Product description

In real life, this New Holland T8.435 tractor would be enormous, with the farmer only standing high as the front smaller wheels. Now Britains have replicated the scale of this blue giant in 1:32 scale.

The release of the Britains New Holland T8 series tractor fits in between the previous T7 and the T9 series tractor that came later, though the latter model is massively different in shape.

And well this T8 is similar in design to the earlier T7; the real different is shape, size and performance - in terms of the real life tractor mind you - we can't judge performance in a replica scale model.

Still a big model, this Britains 43007 New Holland T8 tractor has twin big rear wheels with noticeable deep treads and two twin front wheels with real steering on a single axle with suspension.

We can guarantee this Britains New Holland tractor will be towing the biggest, heaviest of toy farm implements and trailers, and so Britains have made sure its fitted with a fixed counter-weight.

When the cab is removed, it will fill larger than usual due to the sheer size, but the Britains sitting drivers will still fit just right.


  • Item No: 43007
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Officially Licensed by New Holland
  • Presented in window display box
  • Removable cab
  • Front counter-weight, rear tow hitch
  • Rolling wheels, front-axle steering
  • Made from die-cast metal
  • Dimensions: L25 x W13 x H15.5 cm
  • Weight: 699g

Manufacturer details

Britains farm toys logo

Released in 2015, so has a removable cab with access to the interior possible, therefore it was made without knowing Britains sitting drivers would later be compatible. This makes up the T7, now the T8 and later T9 series tractor range which should remain in the Britains collection for the near future. If its a multi-functional New Holland tractor they need, you found it.

Guide to Britains New Holland T8.435 Tractor

Here's a big guide to a big model tractor with all functions explained in detail including the removable cab, rolling wheels, rear hitch and counter-weight.

New Holland T8.435 Tractor

Big, almighty Britains New Holland T8.435 tractor towers above all other models in the shed. And that's thanks to the size of the giant wheels fitted to the machine.

Again, the driver's cab is large and removable meaning a driver can be fixed to the seat.

The bonnet is incrusted with the New Holland logo well there's air vents allowing for the engine to cool off during operation, with imitation headlights clearly visible.

There's also multiple 'pretend lights' covering the cab for low light or night farming, with an exhaust that stands almost as tall has the tractor itself.


We go on about the size of this big blue monster enough, so if its towing the biggest and heaviest toy farm implements, then its going to need a big, heavy front counter-weight.

Its only this counter-weight and engine keeping the weight balanced, so without this the tractor would end up doing a wheelie on its back wheels if its not weighed down on the front. And believe us when the farm implement/trailer is fully loaded, it courses problems.

This is not a detachable counter-weight, and is always part of this toy tractor. That means they will have to be extra careful well maneuvering the yard or out on the road to not hit anything with the box.

When a trailer or implements is NOT being towed, the counter-weight will not course balancing issues.

Giant Wheels with Deep Tread

We think you'll agree if you haven't noticed already, the wheels fitted to this Britains tractor are as impressive in replica scale form, as they're in real life.

And boy, ain't they big ones too, even more so with thick, deep treads. The wheels are so big in fact on this model, that the farmer from the Britains Farming Family would only be as tall as the front smaller wheels - or about as high as the steps leading up to the cab.

The size of the wheels only reaffirms the sheer size of the tractor; a big tractor needs big wheels, and with this model, it can outdo - in terms of performance - any tractor in the series.

While the front wheels are steerable, the mud guards will follow suite when turning left or right.

Single-Axle Steering

The front wheels actually sit on an independent axle that allows for the wheels to be turned left or right, with the big rear wheels sitting on their own axle.

To make farm work on the field comfortable, even this New Holland model tractor offers a strong suspension, which would allow each of the wheels to ride over rough terrain independently.

We must say you cannot steer the front wheels using the steering wheel inside the cab. This is a misconception that you could, but we can assure you this isn't true.

Like all Britains tractors in 1:32 scale, the wheels can only be turned manually by hand.

Highly Detailed, Removable Cab

If you're familiar with Britains tractor series in 1:32 scale, previous models with a removable cab would have a smaller driver's cabin, while removing this one, it will feel somewhat bigger.

Once access to the interior is granted, you'll notice the remarkable detail of the cab. Its covered in grey with black patches.

But if they or you have a keen eye, you'll appreciate the detail of the steering wheel with even the New Holland badge fixed to the middle of the steering wheel, there's also a colourful dashboard of buttons.

Lifting off the removable driver's cab will in turn bring up the exterior detail attached to the cab with it, but don't be afraid if they will damage it, as the durable plastic should withstand rough play.

Towing with Locked Hitch

You're spoilt for choice in the Britains Implements series when looking for the ideal trailers to tow on the rear hitch of this New Holland tractor. With all farm implements securely locked onto the rear hitch due to a lock in action.

If its a matching blue farm implement/trailer that's required to go with the blue New Holland tractor, then you're in for a treat - with all standard tow bars compatible with this standard tow hitch.

Not only do you have the NC Dump Trailer, there's the NC Slurry Tanker. The contrast of the yellow and blue Kane Trailer also works, and more importantly the New Holland Big Square Baler.

We feel the Tractor Link Box and Double Bale Lifter (both in blue) would also make a nice fit.

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  • This item: Britains 43007: New Holland T8.435 Tractor
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Scale: 1:32
  • L25 x W13 x H15.5 cm
  • Weight: 699g