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Jumping Sets

Browse a selection of wooden horse riding jumping sets featuring real wood equestrian dressage rings and eventing sets. Toy dressage arenas are used for your horse to trot and practice for the horse riding events. Jumping sets come with hurdles in all forms for your horse to jump. You can also buy hurdle sets to create your own horse jumping course.

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Painted Wooden Horse Jumping Set

Le Toy Van TV419 - Painted Wooden Horse Jumping Set

Horse jumping set with 5 jumping hurdles colourfully painted for that personal touch.

https://www.toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian Dressage Ring

Le Toy Van TV423 - Equestrian Dressage Ring

Allow horse riders to practice with there horse a compact Dressing Ring made from wood.

Show Juming Course

Schleich 40181 - Show Jumping Course

Perfect for enjoyable role play. The 4 jumping hurdles are colourfully painted and are made to the highest quality.

Show Jumping Oxer Jump

Breyer B2014 - Show Jumping Oxer Jump 1:19 Scale

A show jumping Oxer - a set of fences placed several feet apart to encourage greater jumping.