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Wooden Toy Stables

Our huge range of wooden horse stables below provide children a wide range of toy stables suitable for any size and scale horses, for both boys and girls. Stables come with 2, 3, or even 4 stable bay with American style stable barns available for your Breyer and Le Toy Van horses.

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Brushwood Toys in 1:32 Scale

The Stable Yard

Brushwood Toys - The Stable Yard - 1:32 Scale

Built to 1:32 scale and suitable for Britains and Siku Land Rovers, horse boxes and horses.

Kids Globe Farming in 1:32 Scale


Schleich Triple Stable

Schleich Triple Stable

Marvellous stable for any child who loves horses. Doors open, roof lifts off and open back allow full access. Featuring three stalls inside.

Schleich Horse Stable

Schleich Horse Stable

Hinged doors and windows, unhinged roof, 4x stalls for your horses and a wide walkway for your vehicle and horse box to pass through.

Schleich Horse Stable with Accessories

Schleich Horse Stable with Accessories

Accessories such as paddocks, horses, riding set, hay and straw, apples and more.

Breyer Traditional in 1:9 Scale

Breyer 1:9 Barn

Breyer Tractional - Wood Stable - 1:9 Scale

Give your horses a place to rest and relax with this natural wooden stable.

Breyer 1:9 BIG Stable

Breyer Traditional - Deluxe Wood Stable with Cupola - 1:9 Scale

Two stall stable with mats, built-in feed bins, sliding doors, hay loft, made from natural wood.

Breyer Stablemates in 1:32 Scale

Breyer 1:32 Stablemates Red Stable Set

Breyer Stablemates - Red Stable Set - 1:32 Scale

American style red stable set featuring 3 stall with real working doors.