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Dressage & Saddles

Horse lovers and enthusiast's can browse and shop from a wonderful range of horse dressage, saddles and bridles kits. Dress your Breyer horse for jumping or equestrian shows with colour dressage and saddles in real material. Dress your horse in only the best dressage and saddles.

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Dressage Riding Set

Schleich 40187 - Dressage Riding Set

The dressing riding set is made of the highest quality and comes with the rider, saddle, bridle, reins, lead rein, and horse blanket.

English Pads & Polos Hot Colours Assortment

Breyer 2019 - English Pads & Polos Hot Colours Assortment - 1:9 Scale

English pads and polo wraps, set contains 3 different colours. 1 pink, 1 purple and 1 green.

Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle

Breyer 2465 - Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle - 1:9 Scale

Stoneleigh II dressage saddle for your 1:19 scale horse. Horses sold separately.