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Siku 1012 New Holland T8.390 Tractor
Siku 1012 New Holland T8.390 Tractor, profile
Siku 1012 New Holland T8.390 Tractor, left side
Siku 1012 New Holland T8.390 Tractor, right side
Siku 1012 New Holland T8.390 Tractor, angle shot view
Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor
Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor, profile
Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor, left
Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor, right
Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor, angle shot

Siku 1012: New Holland T8.390 Tractor, Super

Tough die-cast Siku New Holland tractor in 1:72 scale; rear tow hitch, imitation counter-weight, free-rolling wheels, removable cabin with exterior detail.

Brand: Siku

Product description

If its a New Holland toy tractor you need in a small size, then this model will tick all the boxes as one that comes in 1:72 scale.

Solid, hard wearing little tractor that is made with a die-cast metal blue body, along with durable plastic trim; rubberised tyres to help roll over slippery surfaces, as the tractions keeps the wheels moving.

Well out in the garden playing in tough terrain, the tread on the tyres will help tackle the muddy surface.

Does not have to be a standalone model tractor by any means, so thanks to the easy to use rear tow hitch; its sure to connect to the entire farm trailer or implements in the series.

Back at the farm repairs are made on the wheels and chassis; extra play value happens with the detachable driver's cab as to gain access to the interior.

Replica exterior detail makes for an imitation only counter-weight fixed to the front mount; steps leading to the cab on left side; engine detail with headlights to the front.


  • Item No: 1012
  • Scale: 1:72
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in blister packaging
  • Made from die-cast metal
  • Rolling wheels
  • Removable Cab
  • Compatible rear hitch
  • Dimensions: L7 x W3.5 x H4 cm
  • Weight: 40.8g

Manufacturer details

Siku logo

Released in 2012, its obvious to see this model has changed the way the Siku replicate there toys recently; instead switching to something more accurate; rather than the playful look and feel. If you were to compare this small Siku New Holland tractor to their similar range in 1:87 and 1:32 respectively, you'll see Siku now pay more attention to detail.

Guide to Siku New Holland T8.390 Tractor

Upgraded Siku New Holland tractor which is more realistic than previous releases. Its a standalone model but its not without its replica detail, with a bit of functionality.

New Holland T8.390 Tractor

Well we can distinguish this small Siku toy tractor due to its blue finish, its further identified as a New Holland thanks to the insignia printed on the side of the bonnet.

Die-cast metal body with durable plastic making up most of the black trim. Rubberised tyres with free-rolling wheel action; exterior detail extends to exhaust, steps, counter-weight and headlights.

Rolling Wheels

Push the New Holland tractor at full tilt as the wheels roll around as the child does so. Pull back and the wheels will roll backwards with no restrictive friction-powered action - just push and go.

Metal bars connect the wheels through the chassis, well the tyres are made from soft plastic so feel like rubber, which is useful as this helps with traction over rough terrain well playing in the garden.

Removable Cab

Once in the while there little blue toy tractor will need repairing as it gets used quite often. So its off with the driver's cab so they can access the interior without restrictions.

To connect the removable driver's cab back in place; simply align up the connection points to the holes that are located above the rear wheel guards.

Rear Tow Hitch

Situated to the rear is an easy to use, no nonsense rear tow hitch that is designed to connect with the entire Super Agriculture series from Siku... with no restrictions whatsoever.

Push the tow bar of the trailer/implement in-between the gap that is provided; so once hooked over the tow hitch, the above plate should stop the trailer coming loose well in motion.

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  • This item: Siku 1012: New Holland T8.390 Tractor
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Scale: 1:72
  • L7 x W3.5 x H4 cm
  • Weight: 40.8g