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Bruder 03017 Claas Axion 950 Tractor
Bruder 03017 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Left Side
Bruder 03017 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Profile
Bruder 03017 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Rear View
Bruder 03017 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Wheel
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Left
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Profile
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Rear
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Wheel

Bruder 03017: Claas Axion 950 Tractor with Snow Chains/Blower, 1:16 Scale

Turn winter service personnel with this Bruder Claas tractor fitted out with equipment to clear the roads and fields of snow, with functional snow blower and chains.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

Winter is here and the snow has stopped work on the farm for now, so local services have called in a favour; requiring you to clear the country roads of snow the Bruder Claas Axion 950 tractor can do.

Its time to remove the wheels and strap on the 'metal effect' snow chains around the tyres well securing them onto loops on both the outside and inner connections on the tyre rims.

They will spread out across the tyre treads well still allowing for smooth control with accurate steering.

Then head to the implement shed and connect the Bruder Snow Blower to the front end coupling; made more fun with a height-adjustable lever to make contact with the ground so the drum turns around - well the actual snow blower discharge can be rotated by 360 degrees.

Ploughing snow takes its tall on the engine, so back in the shed open up the bonnet to make repairs on the engine and general maintenance work.

Access to the cab interior is possible due to opening hinged cab doors, well a figure can be sat on the seat. The steering wheel can be controlled from here but best leave that to the steering rod.

When the snow has passed and melted away, its time to strip the Bruder CLAAS tractor of the snow chains, remove the snow blower and get back to business on the farm.


  • Item No: 03017
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Friction powered snow blower
  • Removable snow chains
  • Open bonnet, cab doors
  • Steerable, detachable wheels
  • Front, rear tow hitch
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L48 x W18 x H21 cm
  • Weight: 1510g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Beyond what you're used to in the Bruder tractor series comes this 2016 release winter theme Claas tractor with snow blower and snow chains. Nothing is forever and they're always free to remove the chains and connect standard farm implement; changing it from winter sevices to farming the land - savings come without the need to buy separately.

Guide to Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor

All eyes are on the 'winter services' feature of this tractor with a connecting, functional snow blower and the corresponding removable metal effect snow chains on the tyres.

Claas Axion 950 Tractor

With the excitement of the snow chains and blower fitted its easy to forget what makes it all go round. And that's Bruder Claas Axion 950 tractor, a larger model with all original decor.

Finished in the Claas bright lime green colour with white cab roof, there's black trim around the lower part, cab and chassis, and the bonnet detail partially with more detail than usual.

Rounding off the unique Bruder Claas tractor is a detailed driver's cab, wing mirrors, imitation lights and hazard lights and even a small square number plate.

Bruder (02349) Snow Blower

The winter's here and so is the snow blanketing the countryside and your farm. Its time to get the Bruder snow blower out of the shed and connected to the front coupling system of your Claas tractor - or rear two hitch if you wish, but its less effective there.

Once connected the Bruder 02349 Snow Blower, also in 1:16 scale, is functional, and well it might not blow snow, that's reserved for the imagination only.

But what it does feature is a fully driven, moving milling drum, which is possible with help of a height-adjustable lever that is used to connect the free rolling drum with the ground, turning well in motion.

Removable Snow Chains

Most interesting feature of all are the imitation snow chains that wrap around the tyres of the tractor. To do that the wheels will need to be removed completely off well the elasticised chains are strapped on.

Once wrapped around the tyres the hooks are secured to the inner tyre rims where the dual wheels would otherwise be fitted to - making this a multi-functional wheel.

Once the snow chains are on, they should stay wrapped securely around the inside and outside of the tyre treads, well they can only be removed by disconnecting them from the tyre rim loops.

Steering Wheels

Rest assured while the snow chains are fixed to the tyres this doesn't make much difference to the steering ability.

If they were driving the tractor over real snow that's a different story, but for the most part the imitation snow chains do not disrupt the steering.

And well the steering happens by hand or via the steering wheel inside the cab, make sure the steering rod is threaded through the cab roof to steer it from there as the best option.

Get inside the Cabin

We know its possible to open both hinged doors on this Bruder Claas Axion 950 due to there being a set of steps on either side of the cab - be it two very differently designed steps with metal effect.

And its these steps the Bruder farming figure would climb if they had one, but that's not necessary as they overcome this hurdle with there imagination.

Otherwise a figure would sit nicely on the seat as he acts as the official driver, farmer and mechanic.

While both doors open on a hinge, its here the figure can be inserted or the steering wheel controlled, as the doors can be left open if they're finding it hard to connect the steering rod with the steering wheel.

Height-Adjustable Tow Hitch

Before thinking about added a new Bruder implement or trailer, think of a winter theme one, but if not know that there's always the current Bruder snow blower that can also be fixed via the tow hitch.

Beware, the snow blower implement is more effective on the front hitch as it blows away snow before the heavy tractor rolls over it, making it harder to lift up the snow to discharge it through the rotating 360 degrees pipe.

Its only when the bad weather aas passed and the snow has melted away its time to get back to business with a series of traditional farm implements and trailers to use out of the shed.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L48 x W18 x H21 cm
  • Weight: 1510g