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Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 Tractor
Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Rock
Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Wheel
Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Steer
Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Steering Rod
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Rock
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Wheel
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Steering
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, Rod

Bruder 03012: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, 1:16 Scale

Super-sized Bruder Claas Axion series tractor in 1:16 scale, with removable wheels, steering, opening cab doors and bonnet, front mount with rear tow hitch.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

When intensive farming is needed you'll need a reliable Bruder Claas Axion 950 tractor with powerful tow ability to haul heavy, large farm implements and trailers.

That's made possible with a height adjustable tow hitch and a front mount for connecting front facing implements - though the counter-weight occupies the mount for the time being.

Activity around the cab stems from the opening cab doors and hinges, with steps leading up to both doors and a seat that allows for the Bruder figure to be seated.

Fairly new feature on this 2016 released Bruder 03012 Claas Axion 950 tractor is the removable wheels for playing mechanic, helped with an opening bonnet to accessing the engine detail.

Fully steerable wheels with use of a steering rod to thread through the cab roof hatch to steer the front-axle from there.

Later on a front loader or tractor can be introduced with all the connection points sitting in wait.


  • Item No: 03012
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Open cab doors, bonnet
  • Removable, steerable wheels
  • Front mount with tow hitch
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L34.5 x W18 x H20.5 cm
  • Weight: 1020g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

In releasing this big Claas Axion - only one of two AXION in the series - Bruder have made sure its equipped with all the functionality needed as a standalone tractor. If you need this model then you've probably decided to go without the front loader and trailer, so they've made sure there's not one. If you change you mind, it is possible to bring in accessories.

Guide to Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor

Choosing a large series Claas Axion tractor for your farming needs is all you need, with functional parts and the option to add a loader or trailer later one.

Claas Axion 950 Tractor

Its a Claas AXION so that can only mean its one of the larger tractors in the series, and perfectly replicated by Bruder.

The lime green with bright red tyres rims make it a CLAAS tractor, but so does the manufacturer's insignia across the bonnet confirming its a Claas.

All exterior decor are in the spots they should be; with orange hazard lights, light around the cab and even reflective-like headlights.

Figure in the Cab

As this is one of the large series Bruder Claas Axion tractors you'll be surprised just how small the Bruder figures are when standing next to the tractor.

And well they're shorter than the larger rear wheels, they look tiny well sitting inside the driver's cab, but don't fear, this is a fair representation of the real life machine and built in a true scale.

There's a number of figures in the series so its only a matter of which one takes there fancy. And be warned, they will need to climb the high steps to access the cabin through the opening cab doors.


Underneath the tractor - which is the chassis - is where the steering rod is stored away. You'll need to pull it out so its can be used to steer the wheels on the front axle.

So now the Bruder Claas tractor is back on all four wheels its time to insert the steering rod through the opening cab roof hatch, then its only a matter of fixing it to the centre positioned steering wheel.

You can steer the front wheels well simultaneously pushing along the tractor. You can reverse but the other hand will be needed to assist in pushing it back - or else the steering rod will pop out.

Removable Wheels

Turn the Bruder Claas Axion tractor upside down to remove the yellow screw device from its own compartment - next to the extended steering rod.

Then insert this device into the centre of the tyre rims and unscrew the wheels to remove the one or all four of the wheels if need be.

Well you can open the bonnet to do maintenance work, the wheels can now be removed to be replaced once they've worn down - not really mind, just for fun.

Front Mount with Tow Hitch

In a way the front mount and tow hitch go hand in hand, so well the rear tow hitch has a big, heavy implement or trailer in tow, the front mount with counter-weight keeps it all balanced.

Only in the imagination mind you, as Bruder design all their small and large series tractors to balance just right, with no actual weight needed to spread the weight.

Remove the counter-weight by lifting it up to slide it off, well a front implement will slide on. With the height-adjustable tow hitch, this makes connecting the trailer realistic as possible.

Open the Bonnet

Lift up the bonnet as high as it would go to access the engine detail. The bonnet will stay open when lifted up, but would equally stay down when shut.

Then get to work by repairing the tractor if it breaks down or do maintenance work before a problem occurs later.

The engine detail is only a block of solid plastic, but it makes for a lot of fun when they're able to get under the bonnet and play mechanic.

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  • This item: Bruder 03012: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, 1:16 Scale
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L34.5 x W18 x H20.5 cm
  • Weight: 1020g