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Bruder 03013 Claas Axion 950 Tractor with Front Loader
Bruder 03013: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, grabber attachment
Bruder 03013: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, front loader
Bruder 03013: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, steering
Bruder 03013: Claas Axion 950 Tractor, child playing
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor with Front Loader
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, grabber
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, loader
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, steer
Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor, playing

Bruder 03013: Claas Axion 950 Tractor with Front Loader, 1:16 Scale

Get to work with this larger than life Bruder Claas Axion tractor with slip-on front hitch with grabber, steerable, removable wheels, front mount with tow hitch.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

Make this there go-to Bruder model with a reliable Claas tractor with a functional front loader and attachment, which is all they need on the 1:16 scale farm.

They will get lots of use out of the front loader with an up and down movement and the half bucket, half grabber attachment.

Removing the wheels on this Bruder 03013 Claas Axion 950 tractor extends play in the garage well making repairs and maintaining the tractor and implements.

Combine that with the ability to open the bonnet for accessing the engine block, makes for a lot of fun.

Steering is possible three ways; via the steering rod; the small steering wheel inside the cab; manually turning front-axle by hand.

Both doors to the driver's cab can be opened well a figure can be fixed to the seat.

Attached to the front mount is a counter-weight that can be removed, along with a height-adjustable tow hitch for use with all trailers and implements.


  • Item No: 03013
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Easy slip on loader
  • Grabber attachment
  • Front mount, tow hitch
  • Removable, steerable wheels
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L44.5 x W18 x H20.5 cm
  • Weight: 1270g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Make it this 2016 release Bruder Claas tractor above all models from the manufacturer when a tractor with front loader is needed. Bruder have gone with the grabber design attachment which is the bare standard these days. And as a newer model, there's the option of removing the wheels along with the usual front mount, rear hitch, open bonnet and cab doors.

Guide to Bruder Claas Axion 950 Tractor with Front Loader

Larger size Claas tractor with front loader and front mount, rear tow hitch, steerable with removable wheels available as explained in our guide.

Bruder Claas Axion 950 tractor

Designed to do the heavy lifting scale replica Bruder CLAAS tractor with the body sitting on a long, wide chassis with all four wheels installed, along with tow hitch and front mount with removable wheels.

Only contributed to the Claas brand is the bright green body made in durable plastic with the bright red tyre rims with attachment hoops to use with dual wheels or even the snow chains.

The manufacturer's name is printed along the bonnet with original exterior decor present; wing mirrors, hazard lights, cab lights and silver headlights.

Slip-on Front Loader

Now a standard front loader design that is available with most Bruder tractor with front loaders, as this one to offers a multi-functional front loader with up and down movement.

An easy-to-use slip on design allows them to simply locate the connection points behind the front-axle and just slip the loader on in place.

The loaders arms are static with the pivoting attachment doing the work. But well in motion make sure the loader is high up, well resting it on the ground when the tractor is stored away in the shed.

Grabber Attachment

To work in conjunction with the front loader is this 2-part detachable grabber/bucket attachment. To start with they can use the bucket side only well removing the claws of the grabber.

Better still, the whole attachment can be slid off to then be replaced with Bruder's own attachment selection.

Use the grabber attachment in tandem with the up and down movement of the loader, then pull back the tipping bucket to keep hold of the load, well pushing it over to empty the bucket of its load.

Get inside the Cab

Option to get inside the driver's cab to insert a Bruder bWorld figure is possible via the opening cab doors - helped with use of the steps that lead up on both sides for the figure to climb.

Highly detailed interior makes an impressive, enclosed driver's cab design. Well the windows have a sort-of tainted, glazed glass effect, you'll get a better view by opening the doors.

The exterior of the cab holds most of the cab decor, with wing mirrors and cab lights protruding from the cab frame.

Detachable Counter-Weight

Quietly sitting there is the counter-weight occupying the front mount coupling, and as its a detachable one, the option to add an implement that connects to the front is possible.

Not a functional counter-weight, but more one that adds value in play with the role of distributing the weight from the rear well spreading it out to the front.

The counter-weight can still be fixed on even when using this Bruder Claas Axion 950 tractor with front loader attached, well causing no obstruction.

Steering, Removable Wheels

Later models in the range have the option of removing all four wheels with use of a locking nut stored on the chassis underneath the tractor.

Removing the wheels has its advantage - slipping on snow chains - but in this case its a good idea to get hold of a mechanic set to make repairs and maintain the tractor.

Front-axle steering is helped with use of the tough plastic steering rod that is threaded through the cab roof well locking it onto the steering wheel.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L44.5 x W18 x H20.5 cm
  • Weight: 1270g