Big Farm vs Bruder: Toy Land Rover Defenders

When you’re in need of a ‘quality’ toy Land Rover Defender you’ll have a choice between Bruder and Britains Big Farm Land Rovers, everything else is of inferior quality.

Well Bruder released there own version several years ago, the Britains Big Farm label was released later and so was their big toy Land Rover too. But as you’ll find out, well the two models measure up to 1:16 scale beautifully, they very hugely in fun features.

So, let’s take a look at their features and how they compare when up against each other.

Britains 42707: Big Farm Land Rover Defender – 1:16 Scale

Britains 42707: Big Farm Land Rover Defender

RRP: £26.99 – Buy it from Amazon:

This Britains ‘Big Farm’ Land Rover Defender comes in red, with white and black trim and a metal effect, removable canopy and made in durable plastic. The model features lights and sounds with batteries included, steering, removable canopy, opening rear tailgate and free rolling wheels.

Bruder 2590: Land Rover Defender – 1:16 Scale

Bruder 2590: Land Rover Defender

RRP: £24.99 – Buy it from Amazon:

Bruder Land Rover Defender available in a stunning green, with black features and metal effect trim. It’s fitted with a roof rack, folding side mirrors, free rolling wheels, opening tailgate and bonnet with opening and closing doors. Steer the vehicle using a steering rod popping through the roof, made from durable plastic and rubberised tires.


Well Britains Big Farm is a lovely model, you just can’t beat the outdoor durability of Bruder models. Thanks to no batteries, there’s no risk to them getting wet and the interior circuitry getting damaged.

But that’s not all, well Bruder and Big Farm have active steering, Bruder’s is controlled using a steering rod that threads through the roof and hooks on the steering wheel. With Britains you can only control it with your hands.

So there you have it, when it comes to Britains Big Farm vs Bruder Land Rover Defenders, Bruder wins, and should be your first choice.

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