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Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor
Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Right View
Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Left Side
Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Rear View
Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Steering Rod
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Right Side
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Left Side
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Rear
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, Rod

Bruder 03046: Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor, 1:16 Scale

Fully functional, chunky big Bruder Massey Ferguson with functional parts; steer the wheels, open the cab doors, opening bonnet, rear hitch and front coupling.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

Standout model in the Bruder tractor 1:16 series as one of the better Massey Ferguson big toy tractors out there, due to the remarkable resemblance to the real life vehicle.

Only this model is in a much smaller scale but still big when measured up to similar toy tractors. It is perfectly balanced with all four wheels staying on the ground - so who needs the counter-weight hey!

Access the driver's cab via the two opening doors to view the interior detail - actually steer the steering wheel - or if you like secure a Bruder figure on the seat.

Remove the steering rod from its compartment and insert through the cab roof, which is the best way to get around and certainly the most comfortable than steering by hand or using the tiny steering wheel within the cabin.

The big, hard-wearing Bruder 03046 Massey Ferguson 7624 tractor can haul any farm implement or trailer in tow, with a height-adjustable rear tow hitch making it possible.

Where front connecting implements are required, remove the detachable counter-weight from its spot and replace it with any one of the front-facing implements.


  • Item No: 03046
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Officially licensed by Massey Ferguson
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Front-axle steering
  • Tow hitch, front coupling
  • Open cab doors, opening bonnet
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L40.6 x W20.3 x H22.9 cm
  • Weight: 898g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Available since 2014, this recent Massey Ferguson tractor added to the Bruder Agriculture series, is in our opinion, one of the nicest models from the manufacturer. Quickly established as a Massey due to not only the branding and colour, but the shape and design alone replicated perfectly by Bruder. If its a MF they want, then go for this model with all functionality.

Guide to Bruder Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor

Make the most out of this Bruder MF tractor by getting to know what it can do; from active steering to a tow hitch, front coupling, opening cab doors and bonnet.

Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor

You know this is a Bruder Massey Ferguson from a mile away, due to its fancy red finish, grey tyre rims and grey cab roof top.

The Massey Ferguson label across the bonnet helps, but this always comes with the distinguished white stripe that runs along the bonnet.

Accurately positioned exterior detail finally finishes it off; exhaust pipe, wing mirrors, steps leading to the cab, imitation lights around the cab, headlights and engine detail are included.

Tow Hitch Mechanism

Big tractor like this one can tow all Bruder implements in the series, though at times the rear tow hitch will need adjusting to make it a good fit every time.

High raising tow bars on trailers and implements will require you to twist the screw to raise the tow hitch, well lowering the hitch to connect to low rising tow bars on trailers.

Wherever the twist stops, the height-adjustable tow hitch will stay put. Over time they will learn to lift the hitch just a tad more before they fold up the support arm or wheel jack of the towed trailer.

Realistic Steering

As a Bruder Massey Ferguson tractor they're free to steer the wheels in the direction they need to go, from zero degrees up to a 20 degree angle, before leveling off to move forwards in a straight line.

Moving either front wheel will in turn control both of them, and well turning them by hand is a lot of hassle - and so is using the steering wheel in the cab - they would be better off using the steering rod.

Take the steering rod out of its compartment underneath the tractor, insert it through the roof of the cab before connecting it to the steering wheel.

Cabin Access

Access to the interior of the cab is made from either the left or right sided hinged door, with steps leading up to the cabin from both sides.

There's a number of things that can happen from here; they can actually steer the steering wheel; sit a driver in the seat; or just enjoy the interior decor.

Big doors allow for almost unrestrictive access, but it opens just enough to be able to insert the figure to bring the toy tractor driving experience to life.

Open the Bonnet

Lifting up the big bonnet unveils the inner workings of the engine, and with a bit of imagination they can get to work in the garage making repairs and doing maintenance.

Play would become more interesting with use of a Bruder figure as he goes from farmer to tractor driver - but its works out all the same if no figure is available.

Simply lift up the bonnet from the headlight end to lift it up with no lock or fixing to remove, then pull it back down to close.

Detachable Counter-Weight

Reaching out of the front is a detachable counter-weight that helps balance the tractor if the load in tow becomes to heavy, then this weight will pull down the front side.

This is all theory talk in terms of this Bruder tractor mind you as the replica model - unlike the real like Massey Ferguson - is beautifully balanced with all four wheels firmly on the ground at all times.

As its a removable counter-weight this free's up the coupling that connects the weight for use with one of Bruder's front connecting implements.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L40.6 x W20.3 x H22.9 cm
  • Weight: 898g