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Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 Tractor
Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 Tractor, Tipping Trailer
Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 Tractor, Left Side
Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 Tractor, Rear View
Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 Tractor, Trailer
Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor
Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor, Tipping
Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor, Left Side
Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor, Rear View
Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor, Trailer

Bruder 02058: John Deere 6920 Tractor with Tipping Trailer, 1:16 Scale

All inclusive Bruder John Deere tractor and trailer set with a tipping up function; well the tractor has a rear hitch, steering, open cab and counter-weight.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

All you need to get up and running with a tractor that comes with a functional tipping trailer; so no trailer is required to be bought separately.

The Bruder 02058 John Deere 6920 tractor with tipping trailer is double the features and functionality.

Well the tractor has steerable wheels with rubberised tyres and tread, so does the trailer have a twin-axle with tread and free rolling wheels.

The Bruder John Deere tractor has a windowless, open cab this time, with a detachable front counter-weight, tow hitch and exterior decor including; steps, exhaust, wing mirrors and mud guard.

Connecting the Bruder tipping trailer is a breeze thanks to the simple lengthy tow bar; when stationary the support bar folds down to keep it upright, then when its on the hitch, lift up the support bar.

The tipping up action is controlled manually, pull the trailer upward from the front end and the tailgate will lift up to empty the load - changing the setting on the tailgate support will keep it in place.


  • Item No: 02058
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Open driver's cab
  • Detachable front weight
  • Steerable wheels
  • Functional tipping trailer
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L67 x W16.5 x H17.7 cm
  • Weight: 998g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Not only was this one of Bruder's 1st John Deere tractors, but one of their first tractor and trailer sets to be released. Available since 2002, the detail and functionality present in this early release is never be featured into today's Bruder tractor series - though the trailer as lasted the test of time as being a solid, tough durable plastic trailer with tipping up action.

Guide to Bruder John Deere 6920 Tractor with Tipping Trailer

Along with a multi-functional big tractor there's also a working tipping trailer that needs a little getting used to, with all major features outlined in our guide.

John Deere 6920 Tractor

Replica John Deere 6920 series tractor in 1:16 scale would be more realistic if it had windows, though in regard to the shape, Bruder has it spot on.

Subtle, original exterior decor makes it what it is with a thin exhaust pipe, wing mirrors and imitation hazard lights all present, well all protruding off the cab itself.

Its not a John Deere tractor without the green or the yellow tyre rims, along with the black trim around the driver's cab, front of the bonnet and mud guards.

Bruder (02210) Tipping Trailer

You would normally have to bring in the Bruder 02210 tipping trailer - also in 1:16 scale - from the range separately, only this time the green-yellow trailer makes up the set, well it happens to perfectly match the John Deere colour scheme.

And just like the tractor, it has features of its own. Sitting on a twin-axle with free rolling wheels and tread detail on the rubberised tyres with a standard tow bar to connect to the tractors rear tow hitch.

The most interesting feature of the trailer is the tipping up action with the option to tip well the rear tailgate lefts up simultaneously, or change the setting to make the tailgate stay in place when tipped.

Unrestrictive Driver's Cab

Early models such as this Bruder John Deere 6920 tractor often were built without windows; the reason for this gave the child unrestrictive access within the cab so they're free to explore the interior.

As featured on this model there's no windows present so they are able to reach in from all angles to grab onto the steering wheel and control the wheels from there.

Additionally, the recent functional Bruder figures can be positioned in a sitting pose and secured on the seat. This all happens even when the steering rod is threaded through the cabin roof.

Steering with Trailer in Tow

Get up and running right away by first removing the steering rod from its own compartment beneath the tractor. Then insert it through the driver's cab and connect it to the steering wheel.

Now they're free to control the tractor wherever they need to go, made easy with steerable wheels that are controlled using the steering rod, or simply use there hands.

When driving the tractor they must consider the length of the tractor with the long trailer in tow, so corners will need to be taken at a wider angle - just as they would in real life.

Opening Bonnet

Demand on a hard wearing tractor such as this one will put a lot of strain on the engine and intern the mechanism and chassis under the tractor.

Role play extends from playing farmer, to tractor driver and now mechanic as the bonnet can be opened so the engine can be inspected and repaired.

Lift the bonnet up to keep it in place as they rummage around, well closing it will keep it shut without worrying about it opening up on its own free will.

Counter Weight

Now there's a counter-weight connected to the front the load in the trailer towed behind will course no problems when hauling.

Bruder anticipated the tipping trailer taking heavy loads from the young farmer, so they figured the John Deere tractor should have a way to balance the weight.

This is all for extended play value mind you, with the counter weight offering zero weight and is hollow, so they're sure to use there imagination on this one - plus its detachable.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L67 x W16.5 x H17.7 cm
  • Weight: 998g