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Bruder 02045 Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor
Bruder 02045 Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, bonnet
Bruder 02045 Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, steering
Bruder 02045 Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, child playing
Bruder 02045 Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, trailer
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, bonnet
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, steer
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, playing
Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor, trailer

Bruder 02045: Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor with Tipping Trailer, 1:16 Scale

Big, chunky Massey Ferguson tractor and trailer set with tipping up action with tailgate, well the tractor can be steered, with front mount and rear tow hitch.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

The standalone Bruder Massey tractor makes for a lot of fun as is; but if you set it up with a matching red tipping trailer the fun never ends.

And its this trailer where it all happens, well the trailer is tipped up in a number of locking in position stops, the tailgate will automatically lift up to empty load.

Likewise, the setting on the tailgate can be switch to stay closed even when the trailer is tipped up, with only a small hatch to open just to release small amounts of stones, gravel, sand, etc.

The big red trailer is sat on a twin-axle with free rolling wheels and all the thread tyre detail found on the tractor. To connect the trailer with the Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 tractor the hoop on the end of the long tow bar will fix to the tractor's rear tow hitch with ease.

Remember to lift up the support bar that keeps the trailer balanced when not connected to tractor, then pull it up so it doesn't scrape along the ground.

Now its time to get used to driving this monster Bruder tractor with a long trailer in tow, but its made easy with a steering rod so the child can stay standing well they push along tractor and trailer.

Additional features includes the front mount with counter-weight, opening bonnet and cabin access.


  • Item No: 02045
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Tipping trailer with tailgate
  • Steerable wheels
  • Front mount, rear tow hitch
  • Opening bonnet with engine detail
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L67x W18 x H23 cm
  • Weight: 907g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Remarkably, this 2004 release Massey Ferguson tractor and trailer set has been in the Professional series for this time. What so unique about this, its the only complete tractor/trailer set to last this long. So not only is it a winner for Bruder, but popular with generations of children. More than 15 years this model has lasted, and should be the test needed to make up your mind.

Guide to Bruder Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor with Tipping Trailer

Complete Bruder Massey Ferguson tractor and trailer set in 1:16 scale; well the trailer as a tipping action, the tractor as all the functionality you could possible need, as we explain in our guide.

Massey Ferguson 7480 Tractor

Only Bruder Massey Ferguson and Case IH tractors are finished red by the manufacturer but we can distinguish this as a MF simply from its body shape and size.

The long, squared-off like bonnet runs further down behind the wheels whereas most other tractors the bonnet comes up short.

But let's not forget, well the Massey Ferguson insignia is printed on the bonnet along with the white stripe and model number, this really brings it home.

All Bruder tractors have the exterior decor, but its not standard and if you paid attention, you'll notice its replicated to the real life decor; including wing mirrors, exhaust pipe running up the side, headlights and lights around the cab, and not forgetting the steps leading up to the cab.

Bruder (02211) Tipping Trailer

Multi-functional big red Bruder 02211 tripping trailer with automatically opening rear tailgate.

The tipping action is controlled with a link underneath the trailer but above the chassis. Its this link that has a stuttering movement for lifting up the trailer at various heights, well keeping it in position when ever the child let's go.

Lifting up the tipping trailer will in turn make the tailgate lift up so the content automatically pours from the back. You can change this setting to make the tailgate stay in place well using a small, opening hatch that is used to pour the load into a wheelbarrow without needing to tip the trailer.

The weight of the load is supported on a twin-axle with tread tyre detail and free rolling wheels, well connecting the trailer to the tractor is lengthy tow bar.

Steerable Wheels

Positioned at the front is a pair of smaller wheels that are fixed to a single-axle which are responsible for controlling the direction of the tractor wheels.

This is known as steerable wheel - or steering wheels - and would make playing with the tractor on the ground as realistic as possible.

The single-axle doesn't allow for turning on a small radius, so this is where a series of movements are needed to maneuver around objects to stay on course in the house or garden; such as a three-point turn, or more where the angle is tight.

Steering the Bruder Massey Ferguson tractor happens three ways; use the steering wheel inside the cab, control the wheels manually, or our favourite way - via the steering rod.

Windowless Driver's Cab

Big open driver's cab has its benefits, for example they're free to fix a Bruder bWorld figure on the seat to steer the wheel, with unrestrictive access via the window/door openings.

Often threading the steering rod through the hatch of the driver's cab can be somewhat restrictive when windows are fixed - or in some cases even without like this model.

Here we have access to the cab interior three ways well getting that steering rod to connect with the small steering wheel dead centre is made easier by reaching in with your other hand to find that spot.

The larger than normal steering wheel within the cab can also be easily reached well turning left and right to control the front-axle, and in turn the tractor wheels.

Open the Bonnet

Its easy to forget the bonnet on this Massey Ferguson tractor can be lifted up, and for good reason.

Getting involved in role play has its limits without additional features, so you'll be surprise just how much value the opening bonnet has on child's play.

Without a figure playing mechanic, they can lift up the bonnet themselves to get a better view at the big black engine block, though its made better with a Bruder figure reaching up, getting all greasy well making repairs or doing maintenance.

The bonnet has two functions - open and close - but is guaranteed as the bonnet will stay shut when not in use, but when opened all the way, will stay in position until its closed up.

Removable Counter-Weight

The weight caused from the haulage in the trailer or simply the sheer weight of the farm implement can cause the tractor to tip up, with the front wheels lifting off the ground well pulling a wheelie.

Solution to this is distributing the weight from the rear to the front of the tractor, and that's helped by slipping-on a counter-weight to the front mount.

This is not a functional counter-weight by any means; its hollow and light and is designed only to look the part, so Bruder have provided an imitation weight only that is light to hold.

The tractor is always optional when the counter-weight is fixed to the front, whether that's steering the wheels or using the front loader (sold separately). And when an implement is needed to be fixed to the front mount only, feel free to slip off the weight to replace it with the farm equipment.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L67x W18 x H23 cm
  • Weight: 907g