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Britains 42423 Big Farm New Holland T7060 Tractor
Britains 42423 Big Farm New Holland T7060 Tractor, Boxed
Britains Big Farm New Holland T7060 Tractor
Britains Big Farm New Holland T7060 Tractor, Boxed

Britains 42423: Big Farm New Holland T7060 Tractor, 1:16 Scale

Get to grips with this Britains New Holland tractor in a big 1:16th scale, made from durable plastic for use indoors and out, featuring lights and sounds.

Brand: Britains

Product description

With a push of a button situated on the bonnet, give the one button a push for the lights to flash around the cab, well the other creates realistic noisy engine sounds and reversing.

You can steer the front wheels from inside the cab well gaining access to the cabin interior through the open back window - where they can control the wheels using the steering wheel.

Take this New Holland toy tractor out of the house and into the garden for farm role play at a big 1:16 scale. And as its big model, being outside is less restrictive than maneuvering around the house.

We can remove the rear tow hitch whenever we fix an excavator or similar implement to the rear, but for the most part the detachable tow hitch will stay in place - for the sake of not losing it.

Likewise, the front connecting counter-weight can also be removed, but again you would want to keep it fixed in place to prevent it going missing later.


  • Item No: 42423
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in open window display box
  • Steer wheels using steering wheel
  • Sounds and flashing lights (batteries included)
  • Opening bonnet, remova cab
  • Dimensions: L33.4 x W24.6 x H22 cm
  • Weight: 1342g
  • UPC: 0036881424239

Manufacturer details

Britains Big Farm logo

Britains 2008 released New Holland tractor in the Big Farm series, with two detachable parts for the hitch and counter-wight. As one of the first models to be released, the box was opened so the child could test the lights and sounds well the batteries were installed. Now over 10 years later the feature is still present, but with more implements and trailers to add.

Guide to Britains New Holland T7060 Tractor

Not much to this standalone New Holland tractor but there is a detachable rear hitch and counter-weight to get your heads around, which is all explained in our guide.

New Holland T7060 Tractor

Only the shape and size of this model can be associated with that belonging to New Holland, well it features all the exterior decor seen on the real thing, its not without its fun functions.

Well the counter-weight and hitch are explained below, and so are the removable cab and opening bonnet, let's not forget we get steering with free rolling wheels.

Detachable Counter-Weight/Tow Hitch

Not fixed out of the box but does need connecting ASAP. The detachable counter-weight and tow hitch are removed for space saving, but will need connecting before both parts are lost.

If a trailer or implements comes with the tractor then add the tow hitch, and well the counter-weight is for show only, its still has a part in role play well balancing the tractor with heavy loads.

Lights & Sounds

A feature that is included on all big 1:16 scale tractors only is the option to use the lights and sounds.

Now for the sake of the rest of the family the tractor is fully functional without the need of this noisy feature, so if required simply remove the batteries.

But once used you get flashing lights and engine sounds with reversing.

Remove Cab, Open Bonnet

Standard features with all Big Farm tractors is the ability to remove the driver's cab and open the bonnet to inspect the engine - the opening bonnet helps with extended play when repairing the tracor.

Removing the cab does serve a purpose; once removed its possible to steer the wheels well using the miniature steering wheel - we can also keep the cab fixed well reaching through the back window.

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  • L33.4 x W24.6 x H22 cm
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