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Toy Goats

A goat is a traditional farm animal in the UK and makes a wonderful addition to the young farmers farm scene. Goats can be used for roaming the farm or used to produce goats milk the farmer can use himself or sell at the market. Goats are perfect for filling up the child's farm and widely used pets.

Toy Goats by Amazon Marketplace

Collecta Billy Goat

CollectA Billy Goat

.Hand-made and brilliant quality, this CollectA Billy Goat is great for education, play or collecting.

Dwarf Kid

Schleich Dwarf Kid

A cute little guy, the toy Dwarf Kid is basically a baby goat. He is perfect if your young farmer is thinking about starting a family of goats.

Mini Nanny Goat

Schleich Mini Nanny Goat

Your traditional toy goat often resembles sheep of today, however, the Mini Nanny Goat features a beard and straight horns.

Mini Billy Goat

Schleich Mini Billy Goat

Mini Billy Goat. The Schleich ranges of hand painted animals are perfect for enjoyable role play. Build up a collection for hours of fun.