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Top 10 Toy Tanks

Top 10 Toy Tanks for Sale in UK

How can you create an army battle scene without a tank at the centre of the action.

And well this list was a tough one to compile, we've finally managed to grind out a top ten list of toy tanks available for sale in the UK - some with accessories and figures.

In compiling our list we've included toy tanks in various sizes, well mostly for kids 3 years and up.

In the Siku range you have scale models in small to medium sizes, with HTi taking care of tank sets in the low-end, cheaper range.

Everything in between includes LEGO-like Sluban tanks and the always reliable Matchbox brand, with turning turret, rolling wheels on track.

1. Siku 1867: Leopard II A6 Tank in 1:87 Scale

Siku Leopard II A6 Tank

Buy it from:

If your young one has a collection of matchbox size cars, then this tank is an ideal fit for them.

Its built in strong die-cast metal with features including spinning turret and moving barrel, free-rotating road wheel and tracks.

Comes with a tank commander peeking out of the hatch - complete with stickers.

2. Siku 0870: Tank in 1:72 Scale

Siku Tank

Buy it from:

Installed with all the features as the model above, but in an ever so slightly larger size - but still fits in with the same environment you create using the 1:87 scale tank.

Whilst the road tracks and tracks don't function due to size restrictions, the turret spins around and the barrel functions at the same time.

Made in die-cast metal with plastic parts.

3. Sluban M38-B6500: K-9 Tank Set

Sluban K-9 Tank Set

Buy it from:

Wonderful six piece Sluban tank set that includes 4 army figures, motorbike and a mean looking battle tank.

Create battle scenes with an army set boosting a friendly look and feel, suitable for 6 years and up.

As usual it has a spinning turret and moving barrel, and a figure can sit on tank and motorcycle - compatible with Lego.

4. Sluban M38-B6500: Army Leading Tank

Sluban Army Leading Tank

Buy it from:

Well similar to the item listed above, this Lego like building brick army set includes an army tank with 3 figures.

The tank has a spinning turret and moving barrel, where one of the figures can sit and command the tank.

Suitable for 6 years and up, the box contains 312 bricks in total, so should keep the young tank commander busy.

5. Siku 4913: Battle Tank in 1:50 Scale

Siku Battle Tank

Buy it from:

Much bigger Siku tank than the ones we've mentioned above, and well it's difficult to build a tank scene around 1:50 scale - due to lack of options - this tank is still fitting with models in small or larger scale.

As you would expect with a larger model tank, it has plenty of features like moving turret and barrel, stickers and a figure that sits in the tank.

6. HTi: Combat Force Battle Tank Set

HTi Combat Force Battle Tank

Buy it from:

Well we have to move onto cheaper items to complete what is a very difficult top ten list to compile, this HTi made Combat Force branded tank will get you up and running right out of the box.

Well the tank has lots of features and functioning parts, if the little green army men are not enough, just add a bag of extra figures if needed. Age 3 years and up.

7. HTi: Combat Force Battle Tank, Friction Power

HTi Combat Force Battle Tank

Buy it from:

Unfortunately, you're likely to get one of two selected at random - the green or desert. But this is still a good cheap HTI option when you need a toy tank for battle.

It doesn't come with any accessories but it's packed with detail.

But it's not free rolling wheels, the friction power function means you spin the wheels on the ground, let go and watch it fly.

8. Mattel C0859: Matchbox Blockade Army Tank

Matchbox Blockade Army Tank

Buy it from:

Remember all those little cars you had as a child? Well this little guy is made in the exact size as those, from the more expensive Matchbox brand.

But for it's size the turret and barrel still move but the tracks don't work due to size restraints. Made from strong de-cast metal for 3 years and up.

9. HTI: Combat Force Tank & Soldiers, Friction Power

HTI Combat Force Tank

Buy it from:

We've covered a tanks from HTi above, but again this one has friction power, meaning if you spin the wheels on the ground first they will continue to spin so you can place it on the ground and watch it drive forward on it's own.

But if you like, use it without this function with lots of little green men figures for extra enjoyment for army play.

10. Mega Bloks: Call of Duty Sherman Battle Tank

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Sherman Battle Tank

Buy it from:

This Mega Bloks is a 'Call of Duty' model Sherman tank equipped with lots of features and functioning turret and barrel - plus construction set, 3 figures and accessories.

And well this model may be targeted towards children 10 years and up, perhaps with parental supervision the tank can still be enjoyed by younger ones.

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