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Siku 1858 JCB Fastrac, Half-Traxx Bimet Trailer
Siku 1858 JCB Fastrac, left side view
Siku 1858 JCB Fastrac, front end
Siku 1858 JCB Fastrac, rear view
Siku 1858 JCB Fastrac, box
Siku JCB Fastrac, Half-Traxx Bimet Trailer
Siku JCB Fastrac, left
Siku JCB Fastrac, front
Siku JCB Fastrac, rear
Siku JCB Fastrac, box

Siku 1858: JCB Fastrac with Half-Traxx Bimet Trailer

Take to high speed farming using a Siku Fastrac: detachable cab and tow hitch; triple-axle Half-Traxx trailer features tipping action and opening tailgate.

Brand: Siku

Product description

If you're using this JCB Fastrac on the farm then you are driving at a greater speed; its a Fastrac that can do this with high speeds on the road, with a mix of speed and power for farming needs.

Miniature model Fastrac in 1:87 scale still has the functionality expected in the Super series; rolling wheels, detachable cab and a compatible rear tow hitch.

Rear tow hitch cannot tow Half-Traxx trailer without use of a dolly connecting tractor to trailer. Bimet trailer has a tipping action, support arms for when tractor is stationary and an opening rear tailgate.

Well dolly connects to tow hitch of JCB, the hole on dolly connects to the trailer in tow. So in all there's the tractor, dolly, then the trailer. Dolly also has a hinged drawbar to allow for accessibility.

Well JCB has equal size free rolling wheels, so does the twin-axle dolly, along with the tripe-axle trailer. And that's vital has the trailer can take on a big load of rubble or potatoes from the farm.


  • Item No: 1858
  • Scale: 1:87
  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Presented in window display box
  • Made from die-cast metal
  • Tipping trailer with tailgate
  • Twin-axle dolly
  • Free rolling wheels
  • Compatible rear hitch
  • Dimensions: L19 x W3.7 x H4 cm
  • Weight: 149g
  • Tractor: L6.2 x W3.7 x H4 - Trailer: L13 x W3.4 x H3.6

Manufacturer details

Siku logo

Released in early 2010, this JCB tractor/trailer set is focused around towing heavy loads, at a greater speed due to the use of the Fastrac. Well it has the power, it cannot take the load, so therefore there's a dolly trailer acting as a bridge between tractor/trailer. Siku have made it a perfect match in colour, but there's room for using other implements if needed.

Guide to Siku JCB Fastrac with Half-Traxx Trailer

If you know what this JCB Fastrac with highly functional Half-Traxx trailer can do, then the young farmer will get the most out of the tractor/trailer set without needing to find out by themselves.

JCB Fastrac 8250

Never has there been a miniature JCB Fastrac in 1:87 scale like this one before; or any JCB vehicle come to think of it. Which is just as well, as we can now do farming work at a faster pace.

Replica scale JCB Fastrac 8250 tractor is designed for moving at a faster speed, well doing all that a regular tractor can do. It features rolling wheels, detachable cab and tow hitch for towing Half-Traxx.

Triple-Axle Half-Traxx Bimet Trailer

Siku Half-Traxx Bimet trailer in 1:87 scale is used for hauling big, heavy loads of rubble or potatoes. It has a tipping up action, support arms, opening rear tailgate and a connection for the trailer dolly.

Sitting on a triple-axle due to the heavy weight that can be loaded in, which is further supported with use of a twin-axle dolly trailer. Only with use of a dolly can you tow the trailer using tractor rear to hitch.

Twin-Axle Trailer Dolly

Take a good look at the Fastrac rear tow hitch and a better look at the drawbar of the Half-Traxx trailer. You may notice that its not possible to connect tractor to trailer without use of dolly in the middle.

Dollies are used to connect big farm trailers like this to the tow hitch of a tractor that is not otherwise compatible - it also serves to support the extra weight, well allowing a greater maneuverability.

Drawbar to Tow Hitch

In order to drag the tipping trailer in tow, the dolly acts as a middle-man, there to connect tractor to trailer which would not be possible without.

If not using the Half-Traxx trailer included, do-away with the dolly and trailer to make way for any trailer or implement in the Super series.

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  • This item: Siku 1858: JCB Fastrac, Trailer
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Scale: 1:87
  • L19 x W3.7 x H4 cm
  • Weight: 149g