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Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario Tractor
Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, top view
Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, right side view
Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, rear view
Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, child playing
Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor
Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, top view
Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, right side
Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, rear view
Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, playing

Bruder 03040: Fendt 936 Vario Tractor, 1:16 Scale

If its large scale farming you require, then make it a reliable large series Fendt tractor with steerable wheels, front mount, opening cab doors and bonnet.

Brand: Bruder

Product description

Standalone model does not mean reduced functionality, nor does it mean you need a front loader or a trailer and implement to tow to make the most of it.

Imagine this large scale Bruder 03040 Fendt 936 Vario tractor is fully equipped to role over rough terrain and over wet mud, with a loader or trailer only holding it back.

And where space saving is of importance, this tractor maneuvers on a tight radius well a trailer would take up to much room, as a loader would get caught up often.

We would suggest accessories later, but for now it would be ideal to learn how to drive a large Bruder tractor without anything else restricting play.

Take the steering rod out of its compartment underneath the tractor, thread through the cab roof hatch and steer the tractor as it would maneuver in real life.

This requires going straight, left and right, well going forwards/backwards to take tighter corners.

If you're going for a standalone model tractor only, we only ask you bring in a Bruder figure to work on the engine under the opening bonnet, or insert him or her inside the cab well sitting on the seat.


  • Item No: 03040
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Age: 4 years and up
  • Presented in open display box
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Opening cab doors, bonnet
  • Steering wheels
  • Front mount, tow hitch
  • Bruder Agriculture range
  • Dimensions: L38.5 x W19 x H22 cm
  • Weight: 1100g

Manufacturer details

Bruder logo

Wow, this standalone Fendt tractor was first released into the large series range in 2006, but incredibly still holds firm with its functional parts and detail. Big, chunky with a wide body makes pushing and pulling this particular model simple with a perfect balance from a standing position. Intended to be used as a standalone, but the options there to fit extras later.

Guide to Bruder Fendt 936 Vario Tractor

More to this standalone tractor than meets the eye, as our guide goes over all its top features, from a functional tow hitch and front mount, to steering wheels and opening cab doors and bonnet.

Fendt 936 Vario Tractor

Brilliant, large scale replica Fendt 936 Vario tractor with no trailer in tow or front loader attached, so from here in out, they can retrofit the tractor any way they see fit.

Make sure it fits the Fendt model with red wheel rims for dual tyres, or haul a matching green trailer out of the range.

Steering Wheels

Steer the front-axle from a standing position, so well the child leans over to push the tractor forwards or backwards, the wheels are controlled via the steering rod extended through the cab roof hatch.

Not limited to the steering rod mind, in fact well they're closer to the ground on there knees or sitting, they're free to control the wheels by hand, or reach into the cab to control the steering wheel.

Free Rolling Wheels

Free rolling wheels offer unrestricted play well fiction powered would otherwise hold them back, with this model they only have to push forwards or reverse backwards.

All four wheels are made from rubberised tyres with the Fendt red rims, and are all supported with a real working suspension that makes going over rough terrain more comfortable and hardly noticeable.

Open Cab Doors or Bonnet

Standalone model tractor is crying out for interesting features that would tie them over until a front loader or implement is added, so for now make do with the opening cab doors or bonnet.

This valuable feature offers the chance to play mechanic well working on the engine under the bonnet, or why not open the can doors to control the steering wheel or insert the figure on the seat.

Front Mount

Detachable front weight serves its purpose when you're towing a trailer. It will distribute the weight from the back to the front to stop the tractor tipping, well keeping all wheels on the ground.

Imitation only and not functional, but can be removed once you've brought in a Bruder front mountable implement to connect to the front coupling.

Height-Adjustable Hitch

Finding the level of the trailer or implement is vital for a smooth operation when towing. Its only when they've hooked up the trailer, they can raise the height-adjustable tow hitch ever so slightly.

On the plus side it means this large series tractor can pull small trailers that are usually reserved for a compact tractor, so there's no compatible issues here.

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  • Age: 4 Years
  • Scale: 1:16
  • L38.5 x W19 x H22 cm
  • Weight: 1100g