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Toy Farm Mowers

Mowers are an essential piece of equipment for every day farm life. Toy farm mowers ain't used to cut the farmers back garden, but to mow grass to be used a silage to feed the cows and sheep. The toy mowers can be attached either to the front or back of the toy tractor and mowed every few weeks to create fresh feed for the farm animals.

Toy Farm Mowers Products by Amazon Marketplace

Spearhead Orbital Reach Mower

Britains 1:32 Spearhead Orbital Reach Mower

Connects to the rear hitch of 1:32nd scale tractors. The head can be turned and angled.

Claas Front Disc Mower Disco 3050 C Plus

Siku 1:32 Claas Front Disc Mower "Disco 3050 C Plus"

A massive double mower set hooks to the front of most 1:16th scale tractors by Bruder only.