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Toy Forestry Trailers

Forestry tractors are widely available so as you can imagine there must be toy forestry trailers to - and you won't be wrong. These purpose built trailers are specially equipped so they can carry heavy loads of toy tree trunks so they can be transported safely away.

Bruder forestry trailers fit all of your Bruder tractors - even the farming ones. If the trailer has no crane then you'll need a matching tractor with crane and grabber but if you have just the tractor with no crane, luckily a Bruder trailer comes with a crane to do the work.

Bruder in 1:16 Scale

Bruder 02251 - Forestry Trailer with 4 Trunks

Bruder 02251 - Forestry Trailer with 4 Trunks - 1:16 Scale

Twin-axle and support arm, free-rolling wheels and a standard tow bar.

Bruder 02213 - Timber Trailer

Bruder 02213 - Timber Trailer - 1:16 Scale

Twin-axle trailer with side panels to keep the logs safe that comes with this trailer.