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ERTL Big Farm toy (guide to the UK)

Before getting to excited with the prospect of ERTL in the UK, hold it back for the time being because at this stage, we only have access to a few ERTL models.

And why might that be we hear you ask?

Because ERTL deal with the US market, just as Britains deal with the UK side of things.

America is the biggest market so get all the best toys, well we're only likely to see these great big farm toys when someone makes an effort to sell them here.

Are ERL Big Farm in the UK?

Well, yes and no; if you mean remnants from the past then a few toys remain, but for the recent ERTL Big Farm range than its a resounding no.

This is because here in the UK Big Farm comes under the Britains Big Farm label, well in the USA the Big Farm toy brand is labeled like this: ERTL Big Farm.

So basically it's the same thing but a relabel, to satisfy the European and North American markets respectively.

In the USA, ERTL primary range is 1/64 scale farm toys, well the 1/16 'Big Farm' range is there to compete with Bruder in the big tractor toy sector.

For now, we only have what people import from the States to the UK.

ERTL Big Farm vs Britains Big Farm

Who came first, Britains Big Farm in the UK, or ERTL Big Farm in the USA.

Regardless, its the American's who enjoy the biggest and best farm toys from this series, than we will ever likely to see in Britain.

Here we're really restricted to maybe a tractor and just a handful of Big Farm trailers. Well in the USA the tractor and trailer range is far greater.

What is more infuriating, the USA also gets Big Farm combine harvesters, balers, trucks and pick ups to add insult to injury.

TOMY is an American company so will naturally look at the biggest market first, so well we don't have anything like this at this time, its sure to happen down the line.

Compatible with our Big Farm

If you do get hold of a ERTL Big Farm toy of any kind, rest assured it will be compatible with our Britains Big Farm range, and vise versa.

Between both ranges, its only the names that separate the two.

In which case, if you have a Britains Big Farm tractor, you could end up with a ERTL branded trailer (and you might), but the trailer will connect to the rear hitch.

The rest of the range will fit in thanks to the 1:16th scale, and well they don't need to connect in any sense, they will work hand in hand.

Difference between product range

To put it into perspective, we estimate ERTL have 50 or so products, compared to Britains measly 20 or so Big Farm toys.

To get a sense how the ERTL Big Farm range compares to our Britains Big Farm, we have created two tables, each listing their own product range.

Just so you get a clear picture who makes what.

ERTL Big Farm toys

Code Tractors
46072 Case IH 180 Tractor
46621 Case IH 380CVT Magnum Tractor
46296 Case IH Farmall 1206 Tractor
35634 Case IH Puma 195 with Front Loader
46724 John Deere 4020 Tractor
46378 John Deere 4020 Tractor with Attachments
46074 John Deere 6210R Tractor with Loader
46284 John Deere 6210R Tractor with Grain Cart
46180 John Deere 6930 Tractor with Round Baler
46077 John Deere 6930 Tractor with Wagon
46096 John Deere 7330 Tractor
46380 John Deere 7330 Tractor with Bale Mover
45551 John Deere 9570RC Tracked Tractor
Code Equipment
46622 Case IH 4412 Corn Head & Header Cart
46300 Case IH Manure Spreader
46500 John Deere S680 Combine with Draper Head
46637 John Deere Forage Wagon
46696 John Deere R4023 Sprayer
Code Trailers
42995 Hog Trailer with Hogs
Code Combines
46491 Case IH 8240 Combine with Grain Head
46070 John Deere S670 Combine
Code Foragers
46623 John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvester
Code Pick-Ups
46409 Case IH Ram 3500 Dealership Truck
46601 Chevrolet 3500 Dealership Truck
46298 Chevrolet Pickup with John Deere 512C Corn Head
46627 Chevrolet Pickup John Deere Service Truck
46298 Chevrolet Pickup with John Deere Corn Head Cart
46612 New Holland Ram 3500 Service Truck
Code Trucks
46624 Peterbilt Model 367 Semi with Trailer, John Deere 7430 Tractor
46406 Peterbilt Model 367 Semi with Grain Trailer
46283 Peterbilt Model 579 Semi with John Deere 4WD Tractor
46617 Peterbilt Model 367 Semi with Lowboy Trailer
46209 Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Dump Box
46184 Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Grain Box
46212 Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with John Deere 4020 Tractor
Code Skid Steer
46672 Case SV280 Skid Steer Set
46225 John Deere Skid Steer Set
46455 New Holland L225 Skid Steer
Code Gator
46005 John Deere XUV Gator
Code Construction
35910 Case 621F Wheel Loader
46614 Case Ram 3500 Truck with Gooseneck Trailer, Skid
35802 John Deere 200LC Excavator
46725 John Deere 310SL Backhoe Loader
Code Forestry
46720 Peterbilt Model 367 Logging Truck

BRITAINS Big Farm toys

Code Tractors
42424 Case IH 210 Puma Tractor
42425 John Deere 6830 Tractor with Front Loader
43078 Massey Ferguson 6613 Tractor
43156 New Holland T7.270 Tractor
Code Equipment
42520 Cultivator
42710 John Deere 854 Round Baler
43081 Kverneland Plough
Code Trailers
42709 Cattle Trailer with Cows
42605 Flat Bed Trailer
42847 General Purpose Trailer
42846 Horse Trailer with Horse & Foal
43112 Kane Low Loader Trailer
43017 Kane Silage Trailer
43079 Tipping Trailer with Rocks
Code Pick-Ups
42707 Land Rover Defender 110
42836 Land Rover Defender with General Purpose Trailer
42835 Land Rover Defender with Horse Trailer & Horses
42919 Land Rover, Trailer & Skid Steer Set
Code Skid Steer
42525 Bobcat S300 Skid Steer
42992 John Deere Skid Steer Set

If you must research the ERTL Big Farm toys yourself, search life this: ERTL - Item Code - Product Name - and this should provide a more accurate result.


As it stands, we really only have a few ERTL toys here that we can use with Britains Big Farm range, will this collection get any bigger, well we're pretty sure it will.

On the other hand, if you're willing to spend big dollars, you can buy a Big Farm toys, online from across the pond, where the full range can be bought.

Its costly with shipping and you may end up paying double with import duties, so be prepared.

In the meantime, be patient and get in contact with Britains on social media, give them a hard time why we don't the toys the US does.

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