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Toy Cranes

If the budding builder owns a construction set then what building site would be complete without the use of a crane. Without owning a Toy Crane, the child builder won't be able to lift heavy supplies off the back of lorries, lift blocks onto high foundations and lift timber into place on houses and high buildings. Your young builder will have much fun with a wide selection of these cranes: They can turn around, provide extendable arms for balance, and most importantly the crane wines up and down for the hook to grab onto items around the construction set.

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MAN Crane Truck

Bruder 1:16 MAN Crane Truck

MAN Crane Truck be Bruder featuring a realy working crane. You can twirl, extend and lift the crane, as well as pull out 4 arms for stability.

Super Series Mega Lifter Crane

Siku 1:55 Super Series Mega Lifter Crane

This model of a crane is in scale 1:55 and is mades made of die-cast metal.

Siku Super Series 7 Axle Crane

Siku 1:87 Super Series 7 Axle Crane

Featuring a real moving crane that can be extended and twirled around like the real thing.