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Toy Poultry Housing

If you're into big scale poultry farming or wish to own a few toy hens, then a wooden poultry shed or chicken coop is for you.

Owning a big farm for your flock should provide comfortable housing, so a quality wooden poultry shed should do the job. But if it's just a few hens, cockerels, or even geese, a small - fit for the garden - size coop or hutch would be ideal for laying eggs and sleeping.

We've a few styles of poultry sheds for your needs; these include a Scheich coop to house not just your toy chickens, but your Schleich ducks, geese and free-roaming poultry. The Le Toy Van and Lego shed comes with a removable roof and accessories.


Schleich 42191 - Chicken Coop

Schleich 42191 - Chicken Coop

Consists of 2 chickens, chicks, figure and coop with enclosed area.


Lego 5644 - Duplo Chicken Coop

Lego 5644 - Duplo Chicken Coop

Lego chicken coop set complete with figure, hen, fence and a few chicks.

Le Toy Van

Hog and Hen House

Le Toy Van TV415 - Hog and Hen House

Wooden hog and hen house handcrafted in wood and painted in child safe paints.


Fisher Price CBM90 - Little People Farm Truck and Coop

Fisher-Price CBM90 - Little People Farm Truck and Coop

Made from durable plastic, farm truck and coop set complete with figure and accessories.