What is Scale Farm Toys?

Buying farm toys in the right size can be a daunting task, but we're here to help you make an informed decision before buying.

Before we go on, we must remind you, that it's important to shop for the same scale toys to match the same scale accessories or the proportion will be completely inappropriate for children's activity and may restrict there play. Keep all toys to the same scale and you'll have nothing to worry about.

So, when you browse Toy Farmers, if you have every intention of buying from one brand in the same scale, always buy accessories in the same brand and scale again to insure the perfect fit.

Scale 1:16

Scale 1:16 is the largest of scale of farm toys and is a popular choice with Bruder. With scale 1:16th children can enjoy complete interactivity with the toy. Due to it's size, the toy tractor range comes with steering wheels and the child can turn the wheels left and right with ease.

Scale 1:32

Scale 1:32 is the most popular scale toy you will find available today. Toy makers consider scale 1:32 to be the most interesting scale among children and have therefore produced a wide range of farm toys suited to scale 1:32nd.

Scale 1:46

Scale 1:46 isn't widely available these days, although farm toys can be purchased in this scale. This scale size is half the size of 1:16 scale, but is nearly the equal size to its counterparts scale 1:32. Scale 1:32 and 1:46 are well suited together with farm accessories.

Scale 1:64

Again this is a widely available scale range of farm toys. This scale at approximately 7 centimeters (cm) is mostly popular in the United States but can by purchased in the UK.

Scale 1:87

A very similar size amongst those of you who have had matchbox cars in the past. Averaging just 6cm in length, scale 1:87 is a very small yet very affordable farm toy range. These tiny toys are highly detailed but take up no storage space whatsoever and come widely available in shops and online.

By Toy Farmers - published on 2nd February 2010