Privacy Policy

Any comments or feedback you send us via email or by any of method will be kept in the strictest confidence, and will not be shared with anyone else. We will not sell or distribute your information. We will only keep your details if you requested or need a reply at a later date.


We only collect your email address if you send us feedback, subscribe to our newsletter, send comments or questions you have sent us via email. Once we have responded with your query, your information will be discarded.


We invite all our visitors to subscribe to our free email newsletter. We will not use your email for no other purpose than to send you our weekly, fortnightly, or monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe to our newsletter with a simple email to us with your email address you wish to have removed from our mailing list.


Payments are currently processed by Amazon UK and therefore your credit card or debit card details are realized to them. Toy Farmers do not currently process payments. Please do NOT send us your personal information including credit card and bank details to solve any quires you may have. Direct all your payment questions to Amazon UK but do not ever reveal your credit card or bank account details.


Toy Farmers uses cookies but we have no control over them ourselves nor can we learn more about you from them. Please be advised however, most sites on our listings do use cookies. But these are used to trace your orders, log in files, etc. and will give you a better internet experience. Deleting Cookies may effect the performance of your desktop or laptop including mobile browsing.


We link to third-party web sites all over the web. Although we keep a careful eye on most of these sites, we do not always check them all. So we are unable to monitor all these sites activities. But we only link to sites that are mostly for all audiences. Toy Farmers takes no responsibility for the practices or contents of any sites that a user visits through