How to Make Toy Farms

Although we don't provide plans for building a toy farm at this time, we do offer some handy little tips to get you started on building a model farm layout with associated accessories.

Parents and grandparents love handmade wooden toy farms as it brings back memories of there own childhood, and provides a gift like no other.

Read our instructions carefully following all safety procedures properly. Whether it's your child or a friends, it's vital you meet strict toy safety standards.

All our instructions follow these rules which includes safe wood glue, eco-friendly and water based paints - so stick to these rules and you would make yourself a toy fit for child's play.

What you going to make?

What you going to make?Before you rush out and buy your supplies it's important you know what exactly you're going to make. You have a few choices: A farm set with barn, stable, and pigsty. A single barn complete with sliding door and hinged roof or a stable set with 3 or 4 stalls.

Make plans & Drawings

Make Plans & DrawingsIt's now time to draw sketches and plans of your design but it's certainly worth browsing Google and downloading some pictures and photo's of modern farm buildings. Finding a photo on your chosen project will mean you only have to sketch your design as a guide.

Your Choice to Wood

Your Choice of WoodWhether you're creating a wooden toy barn, stable or farm set, they can all be accomplished with the use of many woods available to buy at your local DIY store. The best wood and cheapest to make toys includes Pine, Birch Plywood (amongst other ply) and MDF Standard. Stay clear of chipboard.

Painting & Finishing your Project

Child Safe PaintsWhether you're making a wooden toy farm for your friends child or your own, every step must be taken to insure the safety of the child, and this means NON-Toxic paints. B&Q, and Halfords supply a brand of paint called Japlac International and Plasti-kote.

Picking your Tools

Pick Your ToolsSo you're now ready to move onto the fun task of building the wooden toy farm. However, it's not an inexpensive task and you need little tools to complete your project. You will need a Tenon Saw, Jigsaw (optional), Drill, Screws and Wood Glue (we recommend Titebond III)

Health & Safety

Health & SafetyWhenever possible try to create the wooden toy farm with no kids present. However, it's always nice to get children involved and learn how things are made. So, insure you and the child have protective goggles or glasses, ear protection and wear gloves when needed.

Published: 27 September 2008