What Scale Are Schleich Farm Animals?

Well they have never made public what scale are Schleich animals, the calculations have actually been made by toy producers so they can build toys centred around the Schleich range.

And the conclusion is Schleich farm animals are 1:24 scale.

Just so you know, the number 1 represents the real life cow, or any object, pet or person around you, well the number 24 represents what the scale is. How you format it doesn’t really matter; for example 1 24, 1/24 or the more frequently used 1:24.

So how did they find out? Pay real attention and we’ll try to explain best we can – a long with a diagram.

What is 1 24 scale diagram
The large grey cow silhouette represents a real life cow, well the small black cows illustrate 24 Schleich cows lined up nose to tip of the tail.

Simply put, if you take the average length of a cow at 8.5ft (eight and half feet), then devide this by 24 (as in 1:24), the result is 0.3541666 feet – or less confusing, about 3.54 inches. Then if you take this sum and reverse it, you’ll end up close to a 8.5ft cow again.

But bare in mind, it’s all about scale so it must be accurate, with that in mind, it’s possible toy producers would convert the length of the cow from 8.5ft into millimeters or centimeters for an accurate reading.

And it’s simple as that, take any object in your house, take the length or width in millimeters and devide that on a calculator, and that would be the accurate scale of that said item if it was turn into 1:24 scale.