Does Britains farm toys have an official website?

Yes they do! You’ve probably searched for Britains farm toys web site in the past in the hope of exploring more information about Britains, but you’d be quite disappointed with results rendering anything useful.

Since Tomy have taken over the brand they’ve published an official page to Britains farm toys on their own website. But now, they’ve published an official website just for Britains farm toys and their related brands.

Here is Britians official website:

Britains farm toys official website

Britains farm toys official website screencap
Screencap of Britains new official website.

As of May 2017, Britains farm toys published their brand new website online, covering their entire product range with plenty of pictures for collectors and young fans to explore.

TOMY official Britains page

Tomy official Britains farm toys page screencap
You can still view Britains product range on their official web page, but it’s not a dedicated website.

Before the new website was released, you would be directed to Britains mother company – TOMY’s official page – but it wasn’t a dedicated web site. Here you can still view the product range but it lacks many options.

Tomy Britains official page:

Britains on social media

Away from Britains web sites, their online presence is getting ever so bigger as they are now well established on social media. If you wish to stay in the know with future releases ‘Like’ them on Facebook or ‘Subscribe’ to their Youtube channel.

Facebook page

Official Britains farm toys Facebook page screen cap

Join in the fun and explore Britain’s official Facebook page where they often upload dozens of photo’s, chat about their range and boost a dedicated following of over 29.000.

YouTube page

Screen cap of Britain's official YouTube page

Again, this is not a committed You tube page, but Tomy do upload videos about Britains farm toys to their channel, showcasing their range and new products.