Compared: Bruder John Deere tractors

Currently available from the Bruder John Deere tractor range, stands these three models in 1:16 scale. Well very similar, they are different in the size, weight and detail.

Stay with us as we take a closer look at how these John Deere tractors compare, which should assist you in making an informed decision – so you don’t forget to take crucial detail in to account.

Our Comparison Chart:

Comparison Chart: Bruder John Deere tractors 2017

Comparison Chart Explained

  • Brand: Just so we are on the same page, Bruder is the only John Deere tractors we’ve compared here, but sometimes we compare across multiple brand names
  • Item No: Take a careful look at the item number to distinguish the product from one another, as they can be familiar in looks, it’s always a good ideas to use the item number as a reference
  • Scale: To clarify, all Bruder tractors and implements are all a big 1:16 scale, and always will be
  • Age: You’ll notice that all the products featured are all suitable for children 3 years and up, as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Assembly: No Bruder tractor requires any assembly what so ever, just take it out of the box and away you go
  • Dimension: Use the dimensions to get an idea of the size of the toy, but bare in mind these measurements do vary
  • Weight: Well the left and centre tractor is heaviest, the one on the far right is half the weight, and looks it too
  • Material: Primarily made in durable plastic, they are also made with metal components well the tires are made from rubber
  • Batteries: Bruder tractors never require batteries, ever – you’ll need to look to Britains Big Farm tractors for that
  • Rear Hitch: All models have a rear hitch as standard and will tow all implements in the range
  • Opening Bonnet: Open the hood to all Bruder tractors to inspect the engine and repair if required
  • Steering Wheels: Pull the rod from the back near the hitch and push through the cabin roof to steer these tractors using the actual steering wheel
  • Released: It’s a good idea to checkout the release date, that way you’ll no if you’re looking at a new model or an old one that’s lasted the test of time

Featured Products

Bruder 03050: John Deere 7930 tractor in 1:16 Scale

Bruder 03050: John Deere 7930 tractor in 1:16 Scale

One of Bruder’s oldest models, this John Deere tractor is still going strong 10 years later. Setting the standard, it features opening bonnet and doors, suspension and a steering rod for driving the tractor through the cabin roof. Where to buy:

Bruder 03052: John Deere 7930, Twin Tyres in 1:16 Scale

Bruder 03052: John Deere 7930 tractor in 1:16 Scale

If you’re thinking this one looks familiar, you’re not wrong. This John Deere tractor is the exact model featured above, with the bonus twin tyres for your heavy farming needs. And well it’s equipped with detail explained above, you can remove these tyres if need be. Where to buy:

Bruder 02050: John Deere 6920 tractor in 1:16 Scale

Bruder 02050: John Deere 6920 tractor in 1:16 Scale

Well still a big model in itself, but compared to the models above it does come in a little smaller, and probably ideal if space is a problem. But with all Bruder tractors expect to find an opening bonnet and detail, but this one doesn’t have windows or opening doors. Where to buy:

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