About Us

Toy Farmers specialise in the very best farm toys from around the world featuring Britains, Bruder, and Siku. From children's wooden farm sets to toy tractors, farm animals and all the accessories you'll child would need for imaginative farm play in the home.

You can be assured we offer the widest range of farm toy sizes and styles available in the UK to suite all tastes. Wooden toy farms and toys vary by design depending on the brand, making every product unique. children have a choice of sizes they wish to base there scale farm toys, with over 5 sizes available from large farm toys to small matchbox size toys.

Toy Farmers don't currently sell any of the items featured on our website. We simply find all the farm toys available on Amazon's Marketplace, and provide you the links to these farm toys. We feel this offers you a great range of toys you can ever possibly find on Amazon, as well as saving you a great amount of time when searching for quality farm toys.

However, we are please to tell you we will shortly be offering our own range of farms toys for our visitors and fanbase. Our primary product range will offer children's wooden farm sets, farm buildings and equestrian toys. Taking originality in to consideration, you can be assured our wooden farm sets won't be available anywhere else on the web, offering exclusive toys available only here on Toy Farmers.

Our wooden toys will be built to the highest standards and as outlined by Toy Safety Regulations and Standards in the United Kingdom and Europe. But you can be assured the toys we already offer from Amazon on the Toy Farmers web site have all passed the toy safety standards.