What Scale Are Schleich Horses?

Schleich have never announced the official scale of their toy horse range, and well they may have their reasons for not giving it away, but then they may never produced the model on a set scale – so instead it’s taken a few geniuses to work it out themselves.

But it didn’t start with working out what scale are Schleich horses mind you, more like what scale are Schleich farm animals – largely due to what the must popular and in demand range for associated buildings and accessories at the time were.

And as we explained then, the people working on manufacturing toy farm buildings like cattle sheds and stables, worked out the answer to be 1:24.

So what is 1:24 scale?

This is easier to work out then you’d expect, simply take the average measurement of any horse breed, and divide that by 24 – the number 1 represents the real thing – well the 24 represents the scale you’ve divided it by. So for example if you divide it by just 9, it would be 1:9th scale.

So to clarify, what scale are Schleich horses, the answer is 1:24th scale, or there about’s.

Are there any alternatives?

There sure is, just look to Bullyland, Collecta or Papo horses for toy horses in the same scale – or size – to Schleich horses. And well they may measure up slightly differently, they do all measure up to 1:24 scale. Well Schleich set the standard, it makes sense to develop your big toy horse range with the growing trend and popularity at the time.

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