Towing Britains Big Farm trailers

Take full advantage of your Big Farm tractor by matching it up with a Britains Big Farm trailer, for hauling goods, animals and crops.

If you want to make the most of your Britains Big Farm tractors, then you’ll going to need a trailer to take full advantage of the play value in these big farm toys.

When we talk of tractor trailers, we’re not talking about toy farm implements that plough, cultivate or process crops, we mean trailers for carrying toys, rocks, sand and mud.

So to create more activity surrounding your tractor play, pick a ‘Big Farm’ toy tractor trailer that is made for all purposes – like hauling farm sundries, accessories and machinery.

These include general purpose trailers, low loaders, tipping trailers, horse boxes, animal and cattle trailers – all made to fit Big Farm tractor hitches.

General purpose trailers

Sometimes you just need a general purpose trailer for hauling anything you have around the house or garden – this could be rocks, sand and gravel from the garden.

Britains 42847 Big Farm General Purpose Trailer

A good but cheap option is this general purpose trailer for attaching to both a tractor and Land Rover for pick-ups and delivery of supplies, machinery and even animal feed.

Britains 43017 Big Farm Kane Silage Trailer

For something a bit more fancy, go for a Kane silage trailer for hauling silage off the fields and back to the farmyard to dump in the silo for use as cattle feed later.

Britains 43079 Big Farm Tipping Trailer

But in our opinon, this single axle, tipping trailer is the best trailer available, complete with a tipping up action and opening tailgate – with rocks.

Low loader

Most farm implement’s are made strictly for the purpose they are built for, and are not built to be towed on main roads, so they are collected and delivered on low loader trailers, with a ramp to help load on heavy equipment.

Britains 43112 Big Farm Kane Low Loader

So consider Britains Big Farm low loader for hauling 1:16 scale farm equipment for loading up large bales, bricks, sacks and accessories.

Animal trailers

Britains 42709 Big Farm Cattle Trailer

If you own a Bruder or Britains cows, then a cattle trailer will do just the job, built to carry up to two cows with ramps and rails for loading and offloading.

Britains 42995 Big Farm Pig Trailer with Pigs

But if it’s smaller farm animals you own – like pigs and sheep – then go for pig trailer with pigs (pictured above), designed specially for hauling small animals.

Horse boxes

But what Big Farm do well are toy horse trailer for transporting their 1:16 scale toy horses, and currently they have two horse trailers in their collection, both with enough room for hauling two horses and a rear pull down ramp.

Britains 42846 Big Farm Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal

Their first horse trailer available in their equestrian range is horse trailer with horse and foal, featuring a tow bar, jockey wheel, drop down tailgate with a ramp for the horses to enter.

ERTL 42846 Big Farm Horse Trailer

And within the last few years, thanks to the success of their first release, comes Britains new addition with Big Farm (42846) Horse trailer with horses, again complete with horses, rear pull down ramp and tow bar.

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