Difference between toy combines and foragers

Know the difference between a toy combine harvester and toy forage harvester and their use out on the field, which should help you towards picking out the right machine.

Well they are both big, fierce, chopping machines, these toy farm implements are used for two very different purposes. Well a toy forage harvester is used to cut grass to make silage, a toy combine harvester is used to harvest crops like corn, maize and wheat.

There’s never a question of one versus the other, these machines do not ever compete for the same job, as they are made for two very difference tasks. And well the one harvest crops, the other harvest grass, like a big mower.

So basically, the forager makes animals feed, and the combine makes human food. So to help you understand how each farm implement works, we’ve toutline it below as simple as possible.

Toy Combine Harvesters

Bruder 02132 John Deere T670i Combine Harvester
Bruder John Deere combine in 1:16 scale, notice the trailer behind, this is used to transport the big header when the combine is driving on the road.

To start with, a toy combine is most notable by it’s huge, wide front rotating header, with rear steering and a hose that spills out the harvested crops directly on the ground, or most probably, a tractor and trailer driving beside it.

What the combine is doing it chopping up fast amounts of crops in one pass with the big sharp teeth of the rotating header, then it’s sucked up into the big tank before releasing the contents – self-propelled combines do not store crops – they must release it.

Toy Forage Harvesters

Bruder 02131 Claas Jaguar 900 Field Chopper in 1:16 Scale
Unlike the combine, the forager only has to fold up his mower header to legally and safely drive on the road as it travels to the field to harvest – or mow.

Then there’s a toy forage that is most known for is smaller size when up against toy combines in the same scale. It has an header that looks more like a mower, and you’ll be correct as the big blades beneath this front attachment is cutting the grass.

And like the toy combine, the grass is sucked up into the tank and poured out on to the ground – where it’s then baled later – or it’s spit out onto a tractor and trailer combination riding beside the forager as it drives up and down the grass field in long straight passes.

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