Top 10 makers of big toy farm animals

Schleich big farm animals make our number 1 spot on our top 10 list

We've taken the hassle out of searching for big plastic toy farm animals by compiling a top 10 list of makers for sale in the UK.

If you a have little one in to farm toys then you might by familiar with a few names in the list mentioned, but making the right choice in the first place is the key. It's important to get them started out in life with trusted brand names in toy farm animals to insure good quality in a long list of options to you.

Know the difference between cheap and quality

This includes toy farm animals ranging from cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and all the animals you'll expect to find on the farm. Look out for plastic animals with a little flexibility to prevent breakage. Also, good quality is shown in the craftsmanship and this is visible on the hand painted models where the lesser figures are just moulded plastic with just a lick of paint or none at all.

Stick to the same size or scale

Big farm animals vary from size tremendously between makers, but you will get a choice to mix and match from some brands with very little difference. But it's very important to stick with the size (or scale) you've started out with so everything fits and comes together when buying accessories later on.

You will increase your choices or limit your options as the child's interest and collection grows bigger over time. So, if you want to add to the set once in a while the more expensive brands are the best option, but if you need a one off toy farm animal set to add to a set then go with the cheaper options.

So, let's take a look at our list of brands to help you make an informed decision based on our advice.

1. Schleich

Photo of a set of Schleich Holstein Cattle
A set of Schleich cattle demonstrate detail in their hand painted models

Schleich demonstrate excellence when it comes to their farm animal range and beat the competitors by a mile. They're made in Tunisia but attention to detail from their painters show real skill and effort. The Schleich Farm range is where you'll find these figures that boost more than thirty-seven individual farm animals and box sets with new releases every year. There's no official scale size, but many sources put them at 1:24 like Bullyland. Best suited to ELC, Branching Out and Le Toy Van farm set.

Where to find or buy them? Mostly online at, and former High Street chain, now online retailer Early Learning Centre sell them at, so do

2. CollectA

Collecta box set in open window or find them individually
Look out for Collecta figures sold in retail packaging like this

Well only known to a few, Collecta actually produce one of the best big toy farm animals on the market. And well they might not be as popular as Schleich or similar brands, they are a real gem once you take the plunge. They offer boxed and sold separately figures with no retail packaging. Collecta offer more than sixty-five individual farm animals in their range and are a similar size to Safari farm and Papo.

Where to find or buy them? is your first stop, with Collecta not widely sold in retail shops at this time.

3. Papo

Papo sell individual or boxed big farm animals like this one
Open box of Papo farm animals

A French toy company, but made in China Papo, actually make a beautiful range of farm animals and perhaps best suited to Collecta or Safari Ltd. The 'Farmyard Friends' collection displays great craftsmanship in the paint work and play value is improved with accessories ranging from vehicles and animal transport - including farm buildings. As usual, Papo's own big farm animals are made from plastic and come in singles, or box sets.

Where to find or buy them? What lets Papo down most is the availability of their range on the high street, but they are widely available online. Check out or Wonderland Models for a full selection.

4. Mojo

Complete range of Mojo farm animals on display
View of Mojo's complete farm animal range

Mojo comes to the big toy farm animal game quite late but deliver a beautiful range of figures. Better still unlike their closest competitors they have a good selection of British breeds available which is a boost to the farm industry and child's realistic farm play here in the UK. Mojo farm animals are painted with amazing detail and come in sizes close to Collecta and Safari.

Where to find or buy them? Their range is available from few retailers but you can always rely on

5. Bullyland

Bullyland farm animal toys sold separately with labels
Bullyland animals come loose with a tag on the leg

German farm toy makers do it well, and there's no exception with Bullyland toys. In a similar size to Schleich and unofficially announced as 1:24 scale, but lesser quality, the range do bring there own style partially with delightful character names and friendly faces. Bullyland Farmland selection includes twenty-six farm animals with buildings and accessories to expand the set.

Where to find or buy them? Available from Amazon.

6. Safari Ltd

Safari farm animals depict real life scenarios and positions
Safari farm are known for their realistic farm figures

Well Safari Ltd should be credited for their quality in hand painted toy farm animal figurines, but unfortunately they do loose ground from their competitors as the bending doesn't hold so well and delicate plastic bits are prone to snapping. Having said that, Safari Ltd farm know their stuff. They produce a range close to Collecta and Papo sizes and feature forty-one models when you exclude the vast range of horses, cats and dog figures available.

Where to find or buy them? You'll have to look further with Safari Ltd in the UK but they do exist. Try or do a search on eBay.

7. Britains Big Farm

Find Britains Big Farm animals in opening window box display
Big Farm animals come in red open boxes like this one

If you want to get your hands on Britains Big Farm animals then you'll need to buy the corresponding trailer or accessories is comes with. For example the cows and pigs come with trailers, and the sheep come with hurdles. But at least you known it comes in 1:16 and all matches beautifully. Britains Big Farm animals also match the Bruder Pro 1:16 range.

Where to find or buy them? Find them everywhere including online to high street department stores, toy stores and local model shops.

8. Early Learning Centre

ELC big toy farm animals match their farm set range
ELC farm animals match Brambledale Farm

As you can imagine, as we move further down the top 10 list comes cheaper to buy, less quality toys. And although ELC sell hugely popular farm toy animals, not much effort as gone into there final appearance and look poor compared to the better brands. But they do a better job than other cheap brands at the lower price range.

Where to find or buy them? Be sure to visit Early Learning Centre directly at, or you might find a better deal at Mothercare or Debenhams.

9. Learning Resources

Size of farm animals is clear when compared to child's hand in shot
Learning Resources supply bigger than normal farm animals

Actually for a cheaper brand, Learning Resources don't do a bad job when it comes to big toy farm animals, but let down with quality. The quick paint job is clearly visible and large noticeable cracks where their animals are assembled from head to body looks rather tacky.

Where to find or buy them? You can buy directly from them at, or Amazon Marketplace.

10. HTI

HTI farm toys come in clear packets
Typical Halsall bag of farm animals.

Halsall (HTI) should be credited for their incredibly cheap plastic farm animals but the quality is disappointing. Build up a quick and easy farm set with HTI but remember the painted job is quick and the quality of the plastic is not so tough during play. If HTI commit a bit more time to detail than they won't find themselves at the bottom of the top ten list.

Where to find or buy them? Look out for the HTI brand in pound shops, cheap toy shops and of course online such as or

Need a few more brands?

So there you have it, our 10 ten makers of big farm animals. But we should mention it's important to known there are plenty of more brands out there who make big farm figures. They include; Kids Globe Farming, Wild Republic, Kandy Toys, Wing Crown, and Peterkin.

Published by Toy Farmers on 18th November 2015

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