Lego Farm: 10 of the best sets

Lego make farm sets very well, and a big range they make too. Our top ten list should open your eyes to the available farm range and help you make your mind up before you invest.

Lego's very own farm range is so extensive we've had to make the hard choice of leaving out items, but rest assured we've taken every care to insure all Lego farm sets below enter our top 10 list on merit and not just because they should be listed. The Lego farm toys listed below are known to be expensive - but you might be surprised.

Topping the most featured in our list is the Duplo range in the 2 to 5 years range, closely followed by the Duplo 18 months to 5 years. Making an unlikely appearance with it's big price tag, putting off many, features the Lego Technic tractor and the more reasonably priced Creator and 'Build & Rebuild' set.

Our list below is based on sales rank of Amazon UK, our personal analytics and keyword research. Combine this with online customer reviews and it paints a good picture of top Lego farm sets.

10. Lego Duplo 5645: Farm Bike (1-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (5645) Farm Bike

This one has been around for a while and built up quite a fan base, largely because it's been available to buy for the last 6 years or so. The Lego Farm bike is has simple as it gets; featuring a bike, driver and a few accessories to maintain the fun. It's a small piece of kit from Lego but does just enough to get in our top ten.

Where to buy it: Amazon should be your first stop. How much does it cost: £12.99.

9. Lego Technic 9393: Tractor (9-16 Years)

Lego Technic (9393) Tractor

A four year old Lego Technic model that boosts both a buggy and a tractor, which resembles a Claas tractor. The average cost of this item is quite frightening, but due to it's age range of 9-16 years it does tap into a specialist market with both educational and activities for young adults. A functioning model, it comes with working steering and detachable tool that unfolds, lowers and spins.

Where to buy it: Amazon UK. How much does it cost: £115.00.

8. Lego Duplo 5647: Big Tractor (2-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (5647) Big Tractor

When you think of a toy tractor you'll expect it to look just like this one, but due to it chunky, childish look it's probably more suitable for just 2 years, despite the recommended age up to 5 years old. It's a fun set this, with twelve pieces in all, including the tractor and trailer, functioning front loader with tipping bucket, a driving figure, dog and yellow bricks that pass as bales of square hay.

Where to buy it: Amazon UK. How much does it cost: £20.00.

7. Lego Build & Rebuild 4626: (4 years) Farm Brick Box

Lego (4626) Farm Brick Box

A throw back to how Lego used to be bought, just a bunch of bricks with a variety of shapes available to build anything your imagination will take you. In this solid plastic box of Lego you'll find you can build a farm house and barn front, tree, cow, tractor and trailer and an iconic Lego figure. This set is targeted to kids 4 years and up.

Where to buy it: Hard to find but Amazon UK have plenty of third-party merchants selling it. How much does it cost: £32.99.

6. Lego Duplo 6141: My First Farm (2-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (6141) My First Farm

Well still a fairly new release from just four years ago, this Lego My First Farm has it all, to get your farm up and running in the Lego Duplo range in age 2 to 5 years. It's comes with chunky bricks and promises to provide long playing hours. The set comes complete with barn and side building front (not a fully complete building), tractor, figure, set of 3 farm animals and accessories.

Where to buy it: Amazon UK Marketplace only. How much does it: £32.95.

5. Lego Creator 30284: Tractor with Plough (6-12 Years)

Lego Creator (30284) Tractor

This Lego Creator Tractor is as simple as it gets, but very effective with kids and a comfortable price for parents well still boosting the Lego brand. The tractor does not come in a fancy retail box but a plastic packet - ready to be assembled - which probably helps with it's reduced price. Due to it's small size, this tractor and plough set will fit in with an assortment of farm toy brands other than Lego.

Where to buy it: Amazon or small online shop Firestar Toys. How much does it cost: £4.35.

4. Lego Duplo 10525: Big Farm (2-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (10525) Big Farm

When it comes to a price of a good toy farm set you'll expect to pay a much higher price, but Lego have done well here to sell this two year old set for around £50.00. This complete Lego farm set features 3 big farm buildings - one with working winch - a tractor, 2 figures, farm animals and accessories. But thanks to it's recommended age the set appears to a wider audience, which makes it a top seller.

Where to buy it: Amazon is currently the only available online seller. How much does it cost: £49.99.

3. Lego Duplo 10522: Farm Animals (2-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (10522) Farm Animals

If you've got a Lego farm set in the Duplo range, you'll add real play value with the introduction of this set of 4 farm animals. But what makes this set more appealing is it can be used as a stand alone item with a few extra bricks available. There's limitless possibilities you can do with these animals, but a popular choice is mixing and matching the animals with a farm set from other brands.

Where to buy it: Amazon UK Marketplace will sure to have one. How much does it cost: £12.99.

2. Lego Duplo 10524: Farm Tractor (2-5 Years)

Lego Duplo (10524) Farm Tractor

A Lego tractor at a price you can affordable, which is the big selling point for this model. This stunning red tractor comes with an old man driving figure and a big blue trailer. It features a single structure, cow, trough and fork. Match this tractor up with Lego farm or pair it up with farm animals in the Duplo range.

Where to buy it: Reasonably priced on Amazon. How much does it cost: £14.99.

1. Lego Duplo 10615: My First Tractor (18 m - 5 years)

Lego Duplo (10615) My First Tractor

Thanks to it's stunning look, wide age range and an incredibly good price for Lego themselves, all this makes this Lego Duplo My First Tractor one of the best selling models in whole Lego farm range in the UK. The blue tractor has free-rolling wheels and can be hooked up onto the red trailer for pulling a bunch of educational value bricks featuring fruit with it's corresponding colour. Also features two figures and a wooden effect crate.

Where to buy it: You won't find it cheaper than Amazon. How much does it cost: £7.99.

Published by Toy Farmers on 3rd May 2016