Border Collie toys

Sheep dogs come in every shape and size including the highly likeable plastic toy replica's, perfect for the most loyal fan of the Border Collie.

Border collie toys can be instantly recognised by there distinguished fluffy black and white coat, pointed noses and floppy ears. Toy Border Collies were once so popular, and still are today, every major toy maker had at least one model in there toy range.

Although each toy makers Border Collie do have a few features in common, they are all made from a strong, durable plastic, positioned in standing poses and hand painted in black and white paint, replicating the real life dog. Here, we take a look at the current range of toy Border Collies currently available on the market.

Among the top brands of replica plastic toy Border Collie's, at the moment it's only Bullyland who have discontinued there version, and retired the old sheep dog to their own history books.

Collecta Border Collie


Collecta's very own toy Border Collie (pictured) is a tuff little replica, moulded in a standing position looking over to his right. The model has been painted using hand brush techniques and likely finished with an air brush to create the fading out effect around his on legs and tail. His eyes have been painted with a very high gloss, clear paint or sealer to produce realistic looking glaze in the eyes.

As Collecta's very own model is a stand-alone due to its size, so he's very unlikely to match up by scale with Schleich or Papo's Collie, but he won't look out of place when used with Safari's own models due to being very similar in scale. You can also find this model in CollectA Sheep box set.

Britains Border Collie

Britains farm toys

It's hard to believe Britains farm toys have their own toy Border Collie, but indeed they do, hidden in the Britains Farming Family (40954) box set. This particular toy Border Collie is in a 1:32 scale so the finished model is tiny compared to other Britains farm toys.

At first glance the model is not a perfect replica, or indeed a very good one. In fact the model looks more like a fox with only the black and white painted finish indicating the breed of dog it is. But for such a small model the Britains Border Collie is made in a sturdy plastic and hand painted. This toy dog certainly adds a little more play value to the Farming Family set.

Schleich Border Collie


You could be mistaken thinking this Schleich Border Collie model belongs to another breed due to the mould being slightly less accurate than less, well known brands of toy figures. Among the few flaws is the painted finish in the black and white just not being bright or shiny enough, or indeed the evil orange eyes staring into the abyss (feature not visible in the picture to the right).

What Schleich have done well however is the finished mould representing the real life Collie quite well, particular from a distance it looks impressive. It's only on close inspection one might be put off with the few flaws mentioned above. As usual, Schleich's Border Collie is finished in sturdy plastic and hand painted.


Papo Border Collie

Papo's Collie is in similar 1:24 scale as Schleich, but only Papo have produced a much more impressive toy Border Collie than it's competitors, although Collecta have run them close. The model's face is a near perfect replica, filled with intricate detail from the glossy eyes to the tongue and mouth.

It's coat is very obvious due to the detailing in the body representing a very fluffy dog, with big ears and four strong legs to keep him standing. The white paint finish is nice and bright with the dog sculptured in a standing position looking over to his left and slightly looking upwards. It's made in a strong plastic material and hand painted in the finest detail.

Article by Junior Farmer - Republished on 7 April 2016 (Originally published on 2 July 2013